Update: VDS Poised To Take Full Control of America!

Hanford, CA
November 6, 2020

by Rich Scheck

It looks to me like the VERY Deep State (VDS) is about to take full control of the USA!

This is NOT a happy moment for decent people!

All my efforts to wake people up to the massive corruption of both parties in DC has fallen on deaf ears.

Watch carefully as the theft of your civil liberties increases under the Harris/Biden Administration!

The Daddy and Mommy State will make you do things for your own good like mandating vaccines.

Maybe they will require all the obese people I see at Walmart to eat less…………for their own good!  I say bullshit!

If this is revenge by the Dems for Bush stealing the 2000 election, they will have succeeded in ousting their perceived enemies. But the public will continue to suffer as both parties loot the Treasury while pretending to act in the name of the people.

Folks like the Clintons, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, Romney, McCain and so many others got their wealth from being government insiders. At least Trump got his the old fashion way, “earning” it by building things and employing people even if he underpaid them.

It’s all so, so sad! We can and must do better by destroying the VDS and forging an alliance of decent folks willing to fight for their liberties while rejecting the sense of entitlement and forced dependency that will be the legacy of the soon to be new masters in Washington.

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