Re: TRUMP TRAPS DEMOCRATS! Ingenious Sting Ope….

Submitted by Lynda

This is what I have been able to glean so far…
The plan for the sting began in late 2017 as DHS was already in charge of our elections..
The watermark is created ON and/or IN the PAPER.
The Ballot Paper was produced, ordered and supplied by the GOVT/DHS in bulk for the 2020 Federal elections and expanded due to COVID and mail-in ballot demand.
This sting was only for “mail in ballots” as that is where the fraud would occur.
Printing is done state by state.

So whomever prints it, “gets it” (the watermark) …
Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc.. (Washington?) sent them out, then destroyed the ones that had been returned for Trump and printed new ones filled in for Biden.

The new ballots for Biden don’t have the watermark but the Democrats and MSM have counted them as authentic.
This seems like a “watertight” case… And Brilliant.
I feel this is legit, and they have been telling us about it for over a year.

Most recently just 10 days ago.
DHS has been in charge of our elections since early 2017.

We will know in less than 12-36 hours.
Best Regards for you and yours,
Spokane, Wa.



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