“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” — Another Crazy Uncle Joe

Joseph Stalin: “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

By Allan Wall
US Incorporated

Election Day was November 3rd, and four days later on the 7th, the unelected media declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner.

Should skeptical Americans just accept this outcome, and shut up?

President Donald Trump hasn’t given up, and he continues to contest the results.

According to the mainstream media, Trump’s charge of significant voter fraud is totally groundless. And they should know. The MSM folks consider themselves the duly-constituted referees of the election.

In fact, if you even tweet about this topic, you may be tagged or restricted, as even Trump and his allies have been.

This is quite a contrast to the contested 2000 election, which went on for 37 days, even though it involved only one state.

However, there is a growing amount of evidence indicating that, at least, the possibility of significant voter fraud should be investigated. That’s what real journalists used to do – investigate.

If the Democrats and the mainstream media (do I repeat myself?) can show us that it’s all a misunderstanding and the election was fair, more power to ‘em.

But they don’t try to disprove the charges, they just dismiss them out of hand.

So what is the evidence that there could have been dirty tricks in this election? I ask the reader to consider the following facts:


  • The months of COVID-19 hysteria led to widespread acceptance of mail-in ballots and early voting which afforded more opportunities for voter fraud.
  • It was obvious that the mainstream media and Big Tech were in the tank for Biden. They censored the stories about Biden family corruption and restricted and censored Trump.


  • Even the results, such as they were, did not match up well with the polls, which had shown Biden way ahead. Also, down-ballot Republicans did well.
  • The timing is suspicious, as well as the states involved. Most states got their votes counted pretty quickly, including Texas (#2 in population) and Florida (#3). Isn’t it suspicious that the swing states were the states with the delays? They suddenly had problems finishing when Trump had the momentum. It’s almost as if they waited to see how many votes they needed before producing them.
  • In various precincts in swing states, observers were not allowed to view the counting of votes. In one location, Republicans were specifically told to leave the premises. Isn’t that suspicious?
  • What about the effect of late-arriving ballots? Shouldn’t Election Day be the deadline?  For years I resided in Mexico and voted by absentee ballot. I knew if it didn’t arrive in time, I couldn’t expect it to be counted. In Pennsylvania, a mailman reports the collection and backdating of mailed ballots.
  • Thousands of ballots in swing states were cast only for Joe Biden, with no votes for down-ballot candidates; much higher than the quantity of Trump only ballots .
  • From Nevada: The Trump team claims that 9,000 ballots were cast by out-of-state residents. And, a witness in that state claims to have seen “a Biden-Harris van bringing ballots to a counting center” which was then surrounded by a human chain to shield it from view.
  • In Michigan, it’s been claimed that nearly 10,000 ballots were cast in the name of dead people. In Antrim County, a “computer glitch” switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. This was discovered, but how many similar cases weren’t, especially considering that 47 other Michigan counties utilize the same software.
  • In one county in Georgia (Fulton) over 100,000 ballots have been found which may be ineligible


There’s plenty more, but shouldn’t this be enough to suggest a pattern?

Shouldn’t these allegations be investigated?

Even supposing some of these accusations are unfounded, what’s the problem with investigating?

Trump should have his day in court.

The same mainstream media playing favorites should not have the right to certify this election.

Shine the light of day, let the chips fall where they may!


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