Submitted by Concerned American Citizens 2020

The Concerned Citizens of the USA 2020 are looking for a truly INDEPENDENT candidate for POTUS to compete during the 2020 election cycle.

The candidate will not be associated with either of the two major political parties.  If they are currently, they will be required to quit their party prior to any consideration.

Only candidates who agree with the explicit stipulations listed below, and are willing to sign binding legal contracts which mandate the following 10 conditions to be executed during the first day in office, will be considered:

• The immediate nationwide moratorium on the military deployment of 5G roll-out and buildout of the Internet of Things

• The immediate termination of chemical geoengineering via chemtrails and HAARP-level frequency generators—nationwide

• The immediate cessation of all wars involving the U.S. Armed Forces and foreign proxies and/or mercenaries employed
by the U.S. Military

• The immediate closing of all open borders to illegal aliens and immediate cessation of illegal immigration which includes a suspension of DACA

• The immediate termination of all infanticide abortions conducted in the USA as well as a temporary suspension of all elective abortions

• The immediate termination of all childhood vaccination programs in all 50 states

• The immediate suspension of all water fluoridation operations in every city and county in America

• The immediate cessation of the proliferation of all GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in agriculture throughout the United States of America

• The immediate suspension of all scientific experimentation in the realm of directed energy weapons, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism

• The immediate disengagement of the American Republic from the United Nations, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and every other globalist organization that advances the New World Order agenda  

These 10 conditions represent the main pillars of our political platform; there are several other important positions which will also stand as essential criteria for a successful candidate.  However, each of these 10 conditions must be followed by presidential actions on Inauguration Day — January 2o, 2021 — via Executive Orders that will be effective immediately.

The other priority presidential initiatives include the disestablishment of the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department Homeland Security. Similarly, the Internal Revenue Service must be permanently dissolved and the Federal Reserve System shut down for the good of the Republic.  Likewise, the U.S. Department of Justice requires a complete re-chartering of its central mission and re-structuring of the organization which now protects the most dangerous criminals on Earth while the U.S. Attorney General prosecutes the most courageous whistleblowers and honest truth-speakers.  All of these sweeping endeavors will commence on Inauguration Day; therefore, the eligible candidate will be fully prepared to begin executing each of them.

*Perhaps the single biggest presidential project is the takeover of the CIA’s Mockingbird Media prior to shutting down of the Mainstream Media (MSM) in its current form.  How the MSM is ultimately re-established will require much thought and objective analysis as well as proper planning and precise implementation .  A similar process will be undertaken for the complete takeover of all social media utilities associated with Big Social Media as well as the major corporate entities that comprise Big Tech.

Not only will all U.S. military bases located in foreign countries be closed down (approximately 800), the entire Military-Industrial Complex will undergo a complete overhaul and retooling toward peacetime purposes.  Likewise, the National Security State will be terminated in its present form and re-built only when and where necessary.

BETRAYAL of the U.S. Citizenry

This recruitment initiative was launched after it became clear that both the Republican and Democrat Parties have consistently and irreparably betrayed the American people.

The state-sponsored, false flag terrorist attacks staged on September 11, 2001 have already proven that the U.S. Federal Government has profoundly violated the public trust and broken the social contract that once existed.

Likewise, the sacred covenant that exists between the governed and the government has been torn asunder, repeatedly.  The American people have been the victim of so much institutionalized criminality and governmental corruption that there is no longer any legal bond with the US Government.

As they say, “fraud vitiates all contracts”.  More appropriately, in the present case of the American People vs. U.S. Federal Government, the following statement can be made with certainty:

“Fraud vitiates every transaction and all contracts.
Indeed, the principle is often stated, in broad and
sweeping language, that fraud destroys the validity
of everything into which it enters, and that it vitiates
the most solemn contracts, documents, and even

There are, in fact, countless frauds — massive, complex, convoluted and harmful frauds — being perpetrated against the U.S. citizenry at this very moment.  Were the American people to correctly understand the true depth and breadth of ongoing governmental criminality, they would march on Washington, D.C. en masse and hang the numerous traitors and miscreants.

For these and several other valid legal reasons, all actions taken by current US Government are effectively null and void.  Likewise, the U.S. CORPORATION has no legitimate right carrying out the business on behalf of We the People form this point forward.

Time is of the essence

The Concerned American Citizens 2020 recognize that there is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to launch such a desperately needed candidacy.  There are now less than 10 months to Election Day.

However, the extraordinary costs by not doing so are as follows:

(1) Once the military deployment of 5G takes place, the whole nation will exist in an extremely dangerous radio-frequency and microwave prison.  The ensuing public health disasters will make life intolerable as the build-out of Internet of Things proceeds forthwith.

(2) If either major party wins in 2020, the Internet as we know it will be history. Freedom of speech will be greatly curtailed, if not shut down completely.  The never-ending tyrannical actions made by Big Social Media and Big Tech have foreshadowed a future marked by a repealed First Amendment.

(3) Likewise, the Second Amendment will be nullified if either party occupies the Oval Office in 2021.  Republican and Democrat leaders alike have shown a willingness and zeal, respectively, to forever eliminate the right to bear arms.  Once the American people are stripped of gun ownership, everything changes for the worst in a day and a night.

Given just these three grim realities, and there are many more, it’s imperative that the body politic nominate a POTUS candidate who truly represents We the People.  As long as We the People control the Executive Branch, many of the worst governmental crime waves and rampant corruption can be terminated post haste.  Otherwise, the multi-decade governmental crime sprees will only increase in number and intensify in severity.

Invitation to every U.S citizen

We invite any reader to submit this “RECRUITMENT NOTICE FOR 2020 POTUS CANDIDATE” to any eligible candidate domiciled in the 50 states.

We have 10 months people to do something big—VERY BIG!

With the Internet operating at full tilt, the formidable feat of electing a people’s candidate is much easier than it has ever been.  The maximum leveraging of all the digital power and cyber-influence that the Internet brings to this campaign season could create the miracle that the American Republic is in desperate need of.

In the absence of that miracle, the Republic will effectively cease to be post Inauguration Day.

So, let’s move forward down this last stretch of 2020 together with great purpose and determination.  And, let’s move the mountains move necessary to take the country back from those who have stolen it from US.  This nation simply cannot endure another four years of political chaos and governmental mayhem, financial insecurity and economic instability, social unrest and moral depravity, religious bankruptcy and spiritual decline.

Thank you ALL for your prompt attention to this urgent matter.


Concerned American Citizens 2020

Submitted to State of the Nation
January 7, 2020

P.S. The now notorious catastrophic roll-out of 5G alone should offer enough incentive to take back our government—YESTERDAY!  For anyone who doubts that premise, please read the following factual exposé: 5G Health Dangers and Medical Risks: “Everyone needs to read this!”

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