MI Republican Governor Candidate Saw Voter Machines Connected to Internet (Video)

Mario Murillo: Election Fraud Will Expose Deep State Cancer In America

Why did Michigan vote for Whitmer over this former candidate for Governor? Did she get cheated into office as Governor by Soros and Dominion voting internet machines?

Think this level headed gentleman would be acting like a modern day dictator who uses Covid to break up the nuclear family Into a Leftist cult?

Any shock Whitmer is canceling Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with the rest of the anti American democratic “Change” cult?.

Its a conditioning coup to stop Americans from celebrating with friends and family. Fun is no longer accepted by the Scrooges taking state after state control. Even if they gave to cheat and get away with it.

Like Chicago, Downtrodden Detroit now rules the entire State, too.

Submitted by CB

VIDEO: https://www.trunews.com#/stream/michigan-republican-governor-candidate-saw-voter-machines-connected-to-internet


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