Emma Walsmley: One of the Most Powerful Women in the World & the COVID-19 Vaccine

Margreet van den Berg postedon FB Yesterday at 3:54 PM  · Emma Walsmley: CEO GSK joins Board of Gates’ Microsoft:GlaxoSmithKline: pharma giant & one of the biggest vaccine manufacturers worldwide; based in Great-Britain: the land of lockdown & Boris Johnson. Boris now convenes with Bill Gates to discuss the roll-out of COVID vaccines. GlaxoSmithKline provides a “special” pandemic adjuvant to various COVID-vaccine manufacturers. It’s a small world.——————————————————-Sources:dec 2019 https://www.in-cumbria.com/…/18082242.cumbrian-born…/ MORE ABOUT EMMA WALMSLEY Oct 2020: Emma Walsmley: most powerful women of the world


The Pipeline: https://www.facebook.com/photofbid=10220136271611611&set=a.10206345168882662https://www.facebook.com/margreet.vandenberg.315/posts/10220136359973820

Emma’s father: GB Ministry of Defense, 9/11
(Interview Financial Times 2019)
Emma W. meets the President: “OUR PANDEMIC ADJUVANT TECHNOLOGY available to any company with a highly promising vaccine, because this new technology could make these other vaccines either bring more efficacy” (march 2020)

March 2020: MEETING WITH TRUMP C.S. https://www.facebook.com/margreet.vandenberg.315/posts/10218106374025440
“We know Covid 19 requires a global effort and the US is the vital leader in this and we commit to play our part”
Revolving doors GSK – British government
CanSino, Sanofi Pasteur, Sanofi, L’Oreal, Emma Walsmley (june 2020)June 2019
Emma Walsmley in St James Palace with Trump, Theresa May, Lockheed, BAE systems & more

“The Barrow-born boss of a major pharmaceutical company sat next to US president Donald Trump at an event yesterday.

Emma Walmsley, chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline, which has a plant in Ulverston, was among 10 business leaders invited to the business roundtable at St James’s Palace, co-hosted by Mr Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May. Also around the table was Sir Roger Carr, chairman of BAE Systems, which has its Submarines facility in Barrow. https://www.facebook.com/margreet.vandenberg.315/


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