Just one of thousands of Personal Testimonies of stolen identities for illegal voting purposes.

Submitted by Anonymous

I live in California. The register of voters say they received my ballot yet they say they did not count my vote.

I live in Sunnyvale, CA. I wrote in a different person than the one listed for ‘Judge of the Superior Court Office 24’.

I called the register of voters in Santa Clara county to find out where I could find the list of names myself and others had written in for that position.

He (Robert) said that only ‘approved write ins’ were allowed. Searching the web, I found that this was true for presidential candidates. A ‘write in’ should not be limited in this way. I ask for an official explanation to my email (listed above).

I do not believe that California counts any of our ballots. I called the California register of voters again on 9 November 2020 and they told me that there were no ‘approved’ write-in candidates for this position.

I think the register of voters just make up numbers for all the voting issues involved or does a statistical sampling of a few of the ballots. There entire ballot California voting system is fraudulent.

Unless they provide me with a complete list of all ‘write ins’ submitted for this position, they have proven that their entire voting system is fraudulent!


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