Stolen Consent!

Stolen Consent!

Our vote is the most envied tangible asset on the planet. We the people of the United States are governed “only” after we have given our consent to our leaders through or votes. Our “Vote” represents our Freedom and our consent to collaborate with our leaders as “together” we chart the future of our country.

On November 3, 2020, my “consent was stolen” my voice was not heard nor my vote counted at the ballot box. In essence my freedom was taken away.

As a shareholder of this nation, in which my taxes fund the positions of all elected officials, I have the right to demand an audit of all activities funded and driven with my fiscal contributions.

Therefore, until my vote and the votes of every legal citizen are counted and all illegitimate votes are removed, I do not consent to this contract which must be entered into voluntarily by both parties.

Fraud Vitiates all contracts!

Submitted by Shoshone


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