The COVID Cult Unmasked

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Come and get me, assholes! I’ve never worn a mask during this whole, imagined “pandemic” and I never will—and I have yet to get “sick.” It’s been nothing but a “shamdemic” and a “plandemic” from the start. Wake up, all you foolish people out there!

If it’s such a “killer virus,” why do you have to go get “tested” to even know you have it? What nonsense! And these “tests” are not even scientifically sound, resulting in huge false positives based upon who-knows-what. Hey, I know, they’re meant to establish more and more “cases” in order to create more and more fear. Well, “cases” do not establish that people have a real, symptomatic disease requiring quarantine and treatment. And yet idiots readily buy into this notion and why?—conditioning.  Reports of mounting “cases” do not scare me. Do they scare you?

Is there even such a thing as the “COVID-19 virus”? Even if there is, uh, take some hydroxychloroquine or the latest anti-body regimen and get better. Take vitamin D if you’re worried. Again, what is everyone afraid of? What’s with the big emphasis on “safety” and “security” when there is a 99+% of NOT dying from this boogeyman virus? Horsefeathers!

But so many idiots are out there wearing their masks. Why? They even wear them while walking around outside or driving alone in their cars—something not even “mandated” by repressive governments (at least the one in Montgomery County, Maryland). “Safety” is their God, “health experts” are their priests, and “submission” is their mantra. What utter crap!

And how about all of those self-appointed mask detectives out there? Since when am I supposed to take medical advice from cashiers and clerks? If a place is open to the public, we all have an irrevocable license to enter onto that commercial property for purposes of buying whatever they’re selling—period.

I can claim that I have a medical disability as my legitimate reason for not wearing a mask. No one can lawfully question me or refute that. Yet some self-righteous cashiers seem to relish being “gatekeepers-behind-the-counters,” probably full of resentment themselves for having to wear masks; they want to make sure you, too, have to submit to mask directives from their moronic bosses who, in turn, “take a knee” to imagined government “health mandates” as if they were law. These self-appointed enforcers will actually deny you your lawful ability to purchase something; they are unfazed by your claim of medical exemption and openly flaunt their bias against your disability—as if it is now fashionable and acceptable to discriminate against those with disabilities. How absurdly maddening. And what, may I ask, are they afraid of?—they, and every other sheep in their stores, are all masked. So what’s their worry? Aren’t they “protected”? To these pretenders I say, “Drop the mask!”—they really only want you to CONFORM.

Keeping “safe” from virus transmission by wearing a mask is comparable to trying to keep mosquitoes from passing through a chain link fence. (Who knows if a virus is even transmissible?) Reliable studies have shown that masks cannot prevent transmission of viruses. And those wearing masks claim they are “science believers”? Good Lord, we are reaching new levels of idiocy!

I get in a bad mood now just seeing people with these muzzles, these face diapers on. “True believers” have all become “armchair virologists” practically overnight. But even those trained (like good circus “animules”) in allopathic medicine, virology, or even basic biology, can’t agree: phony political scientists such as Dr. Fauci go around preaching doom, while thousands of more highly degreed, properly thinking doctors and scientists refute him and his ilk. (See, The Great Barrington Declaration.)

And true believers in “social distancing” also rankle me. Have you experienced walking somewhere and a person walking toward you goes WAY around you? I’m getting to the point I want to go up, accost them, and cry, “BOO!” What a crock of you-know-what!

It really is amazing how successful our phony media, complicit government, and cowardly corporate wankers have been at brainwashing people into mask-wearing. I sometimes get the sense that mask wearers get some kind of “rebel thrill” (or Democrat identity rush) out of being masked. (In fact, a crackpot neighbor who refuses to take down his Biden/Harris sign from the public tree belt, is also a committed germaphobe on whom I have, inexplicably, taken pity. Not wishing that he become more overwrought than he is, I have elected to ignore this temporary irritation.)

Getting one’s temperature taken and being forced to use hand sanitizer adds to the indignity of having to participate in this idiots’ pantomime. Again, who gave any-old-moron the right to practice medicine?

The bottom line is this: it is all a dry run, preparing us (the sheeple) to readily submit to both government and peer pressure, and why? Why indeed!

Leftist governments in particular want to control people; they are power-addicts who don’t give a hoot about personal liberty, about our sovereignty as We the People. Wake up! So-called “mandatory” mask wearing is a stage in the genocide of us as a people. And we will be finished as a People once they convince everyone to be injected with their “vaccines.” Beware, People, Beware!

Don’t give in to this insidious nonsense, this façade of foolishness, this pooh-bah pantomime. If you can’t see through the devious, planned destruction of your natural rights and God-given liberty then march willingly to your perdition, oh sheepish fools—march: one, two, three to your deaths. If it all wasn’t so laughable, I’d feel sorry for you, fools!

So, there’s no “pandemic,” OK? Get over it. Everyone stop wearing these ridiculous (and dangerous) masks. If we all do that together, then the hysteria and fear will be over, once and for all. Things can return to normal. Really, what is everyone afraid of?


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