The ANTIFA Toddlers!

Submitted by GodsAngell
After a wonderful and peaceful rally today of over a MILLION Trump Supporters, as they were breaking up at nightfall, guess WHO came out of the dark shadows???

You guessed it, the Communist Useful Idiots.
They tried to start a brawl with the Trump Supporters, but there were SO FEW ANTIFA, that the police had to be called in to ……get this……..PROTECT……ANTIFA……you know, the ones calling for Defunding the Police????
These are really VERY seriously dumbed down children.
Anyway, the point is: We The People, the Patriotic NON-Communists, WAY outnumber these ANTIFA Toddlers.
Notice these ANTIFA Toddlers only come out at NIGHT????
If anyone is seriously worried about a “civil war”……I think it will be over in a day, assuming the POLICE do not come out to PROTECT the ANTIFA TODDLERS!
Now add in the U.S. Military/National Guard into the equation???
Yes, it won’t even take a day to put down these ANTIFA TODDLERS!!!
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