A Special Message to our Great News Reporters, Commentators and Analysts

From the SOTN Editor’s Desk

As all of you well know, the current “State of the Nation” is quite precarious.  And, it could get much more so between now and Inauguration Day…as well as after January 20, 2021.

Therefore, SOTN respectfully asks that the primary focus of all submissions be one of the two extremely important topics:




In other words, whether it’s your original work or news referrals, submissions should only concern any subject matter related to the ongoing “Election Theft” and/or the “Coronavirus Con”.

Really, what’s more urgent than responding decisively to these two cataclysms-in-the-making?

Truly, if either of these inconceivable crime sprees is allowed to continue unaddressed by We the People, the end of the American Republic is all but guaranteed.

Thank you kindly for your understanding and attention to this request.

And, thank you much for all the excellent work so many SOTN submitters and supporters have done this year, most of it unsolicited.  You guys are the best!

May God Bless You and Yours this Holiday Season!

May God Bless America!

Michael Thomas, Managing Editor
State of the Nation

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