GAgate: Letter to the Senate Majority Leader of the Georgia Legislature

Mike Dugan                                                                                                                                                Senate Majority Leader                                                                                                                            Georgia Senate                                                                                                                                          

Dear Sir,

There are at the moment over 71 million Americans who are so deeply concerned for the future of our nation that we are traveling all over the country to save the integrity of the most cherished tangible asset on the planet which is our right to vote. Every last one of us is aware of the fact that if that first right is lost or tainted all of our other Constitutional rights become threatened and eventually irrelevant. 

That is actually what has happened to the American people starting in March of this year and it has only gotten worse. More and more totalitarian controls are being imposed on Americans by illegitimate rulers controlled by outsiders that we are discovering were part and parcel of a plan to steal the 2020 election and overthrow the country. 

Over 71 million Americans are all acutely aware of the situation no matter how much the complicit partners of these foreign powers try to censor the truth, censor us, and censor President Trump, who won this 2020 election and who we chose to lead us. 

If President Trump is disenfranchised by his party over 71 million authentic voters will be disenfranchised as well. Therefore, a new political party of his choosing, is structurally set to lay waste to any candidate within both wings of the Democrat and Republican assembly.  

A Trump inspired new political party can wipe out the illusion of the Democrat/Republican two-party system because we are the most diverse, widest and deepest part of the entire American electorate. Moreover, our coalition consists of every creed, color, race, gender, ethnicity and orientation and much of the Trump movement consists of former democrats and brand-new voters. 

Therefore, divisions that the Democrats have used in the past to keep one and all on their little plantation has had the lock busted and the gate removed. We are passionately united in our love of freedom and focused on how much the GOP owes our President and us for their wins in this 2020 election. We just want to remind the Republican party at every level that we will accept nothing less than total loyalty to the man who won the election and who deserves to be President from his Party, the GOP. That man is President Trump.

The only reason that we have remained patient and law abiding in spite of the last four years of attacks on our lives, our movement, our livelihoods, personal and physical attacks on our Families and our children and blatant censorship from the media and online networks is because the 2020 election was coming and we were focused on our Freedom being restored. 

The last ten months of hell from the Democrats was a lesson about what life would be like under totalitarian Globalists who take their orders from foreign countries that are not our friends. We knew our right to vote would release us from this Covid Gulag that the Democrats had created in order to remove any scrutiny from their wholly dysfunctional Candidate. 

We are also aware that this is a Constitutional crisis that has led us to the brink of civil war. Your State currently is the fulcrum point of this crisis and the world is watching. We are all aware that your Governor, and your Secretary of State and your election board conspired with Stacy Abrahams to commit election fraud on a massive scale in the State of Georgia and is not going to go away.

The Board is refusing to correct the discrepancies that are ubiquitous throughout many of your voting districts and continue to recount with the tainted votes instead of doing the honest thing that is required by the law and the courts. Certifying the vote count in favor of Biden must be stopped immediately before your State and your Republican party is perceived to be the most dishonest State and GOP in the country.

Moreover, there is audio evidence online where one of your election officials said that they have been instructed to not use the new totals to certify Georgia but will use the original totals that gave the wrong candidate the win. This cannot be tolerated.

There are also grave concerns that the two Senate seats that are in a runoff in your state would not be in play without the amount of election fraud that was aimed at the Republican Candidates by the Democrats involved in the 2020 General Election in the State of Georgia.

The current recounts and audits are fraught with the same kind of cheating that the election was. The recount in Georgia highlights the fact that the problems are not mistakes but part of a plan. Furthermore, that the 2020 General Election has been tainted beyond recovery by nationwide systemic, Democrat driven, election fraud, and those committing this fraud do not believe that there will be consequences for such lawlessness. This is especially true for the Georgia State officials who are involved.

Because it is impossible to get the Democrats to stop cheating during the recount of these tainted districts and follow the rules, it seems that the Legislature has not only the right but the Constitutional duty to step in and resolve this crisis. 

That’s why we the over 71 million Americans who voted for Trump are requesting that the State Legislatures who have the right and the duty to pick the delegates step in and decide who will go to the Electoral College based on the actual totals which was a landslide for President Trump.

The founding Fathers and the Constitution had a purpose for the Electoral College. It was created as a protection against the many fraudulent practices that have been historically ubiquitous in certain big cities in every election. The so-called popular vote is irrelevant for the purpose of electing the President and Vice President because there are dishonest parties and people who just cannot win any other way but by cheating. Moreover, true to their character they can then proclaim that they “won the popular vote.” I would appreciate a response that lets me know that you have received his message and have read it in full.


Debra Hood Grayley                                                                                                                                Registered Republican


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