German Physician is Arrested Live on Camera for Covid Truth-telling (Video)

WATCH: Home of German COVID-19 critic raided while he was live streaming

A spokesman for the solicitor general’s office said the raid was done ‘probably’ in connection with drugs.


Dr. Andreas Noack as police interrupt his livestream recording YouTube

November 20, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Police in Germany on Wednesday raided the home of a COVID-19 lockdown critic while the man was live streaming on his YouTube channel.

Roughly 40 minutes into the video, Dr. Andreas Noack told his interview partner that police are at his home, which can be heard banging on the door. He then asked a person who was in the room with him to open the door.

“I don’t know what’s going on here,” Noack said, before police stormed into the room where he was recording the live stream. One policeman, armed with an assault rifle, shouted for everybody to get down on the floor, and that he wanted to see their hands. Noack and another person immediately complied.

A member of the police asked those in attendance for their names and Noack was heard providing the information, although he was no longer on camera. The group are also asked about any weapons.

Noack describes himself as a “non-conformist” on his organization’s website, focusing on educating people about nutrients and vitamins, as well as esoteric ideas.

Germany’s largest newspaper, Bild, reported that local police confirmed the raid. “The investigators did not even target the live stream operator Andreas N.,” the article pointed out.

“The solicitor general’s office in Berlin had ordered the mission. A spokesman for the investigating authorities only said that the mission was ‘probably’ in connection with a violation of the narcotics law.”

Bild speculated that since Noack’s organization is based in his home, “he has many visitors. It is possible that someone has hidden drugs in N.’s house.”

It is yet unclear whether Noack or anyone else present in his home is in custody. Similarly, the solicitor general’s office did not provide any details on whether anything violating the narcotics law was found during the raid.


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