Not only did the Democrats outright steal the election, they stole Trump’s overwhelming mandate!

And that’s what the Democrats were really after for the sake of political survival and preservation of their party.


State of the Nation

All of us in the Patriot Movement can come up with a list of 100 reasons why the Democrats brazenly stole this election.

However, one of those reasons stands way out because of it far-reaching ramifications and and disastrous repercussions for the Democrat Party.

Because Trump really received well over 400 electoral votes, he would have begun his second term with an extremely powerful mandate.

One critical piece of that mandate would have been the final dissolution of the Democrat Party.  And the Democrat leadership knows this.

The DNC is well aware of the massive criminal conspiracy that was hatched to steal the POTUS election.  Forget all the other crime sprees conducted by Team Obama-Biden over their 8-year tenure of utter lawlessness; they committed even more egregious crime waves over Trump’s 4 years culminating with THE GREAT STEALECTION.

Hence, the sheer depth and breadth of Democrat criminality and corruption is such that there can be only one response—the permanent dissolution of the Democrat Party.  When any political party commits is acts of treason and sedition on a daily basis, what else should they expect but to be put out of business—FOREVER!

The DEMs knew that a second term for Trump would have been curtains for their ‘Party’ and their nationwide crime syndicate and, therefore, are trying very hard to deprive him of his rightful victory.

At the end of the day, President Trump’s decisive triumph translates to their devastating loss.  Which is why the Democrats chose to steal this election — AT ALL COSTS — and irrespective of the catastrophic consequences, which are assured at this late stage of their unparalleled election crime wave.

State of the Nation
November 20, 2020


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