Chaos, Mayhem and Vote Early

by Renee Parsons

The angst of American disintegration that is happening today should be of major concern to every American – regardless of political ideology or one’s view of Donald Trump as President.  While what is occurring is enough reason for alarm, many Americans inexplicably rely on the mind numbing  Mockingbird Media for their sanitized ‘news.’ The decay and decline should be a Number One topic on every media outlet, at every coffee shop across the country.  Instead, there is the pretense that events since 2016 are aberrant and that normalcy will be restored sometime soon.

Expected to continue beyond 2020, the massive paradigm shift currently underway has brought profound change to the prevailing framework of reality including the breakdown of society and the collapse of institutions that were once relied on to provide stability, structure and a sense of belonging.  Scandals at the FBI, the Department of Justice and bankruptcy of the Democratic party come readily to mind.

As the Shift continues to unravel, the turbulence the US has experienced since 2016 offers little immediate relief.  Think of it like a global housecleaning of the corruption and that which no longer serves humanity, making way for the Shift to inaugurate a new global consciousness devoted to Universal peace, love and justice.   

While Trump has been less than a model President in many ways; challenging the concept of an articulate, smooth and sleek President, Trump was always going to be a Great Disrupter of the status quo – immediately rejecting the TPP Agreement, verbalizing peace with Russia as a “good thing,” protect the country’s sovereignty from illegal immigration and critical of a Globalist agenda. Whether he achieved  those stated goals is questionable as he frequently undermined his own progress by acting in a way that has been bumptious, rude and blasé about breaking the best White House China.          

While Russia has been a reliable arch-enemy for the US since 1917, the country has evolved over the decades from a totalitarian communist  regime into a world-class player on the global stage.  In those intervening decades, the US continues to devolve from a global powerhouse into a flailing, disreputable banana republic.

With the 2016 election, the Democrats revealed their true warts and their hypocrisy as ‘liberals’ with a peace and progressive agenda when, in reality, they were totally supportive of Obama’s militarist strategy.  Immediately after his inauguration in 2009, in a pre arranged bamboozle, Obama was awarded an undeserved Noble Peace Prize which he thoroughly discredited by initiating war in four countries living in peace in 2008.   

In their desperation to undermine Trump, the Dems, the CIA and FBI entered into a nefarious illegal collusion to set up Russiagate which was thoroughly disputed by the Mueller Report.  The full story has spread to Ukraine and the CrowdStrike server and is yet to be fully revealed as details of the Durham investigation promise more than one bombshell – hence, the Dems remain in a state of semi-hysteria spreading fear and dissension wherever possible.   

The entire business of undermining Trump who frequently did a good job of that himself, then moved into the Inspector General phase with critical reports on Andrew McCabe, James Comey and the FISA abuse scandal – all of which exonerated the President.   The cost to the country has been an unprecedented loss of national unity creating a deep wound that may take generations to heal.

As if all that were not enough to bring down the Big Orange Man, the Dems created a fallacious, mountain-out-of-a-molehill impeachment charade that is now headed to the Senate where a bipartisan horde of compromised, doddering Senators, some with their own shady agenda will have the final say.      

And just in case all of the above comes to naught, the Antifa ruffians are willing to spread chaos and violence beyond the campus, attacking those who dare claim their First Amendment privilege of free speech and open expression of thought.  The Antifa claim to be anti-fascist and anti-nazi; yet repeatedly prove themselves to be more aligned with the fascist/nazi philosophy they claim to abhor.  Thanks to Antifa and other like-minded hoodlums, many college campuses have shut down as havens for unpopular thoughts or expressing ideas that challenge establishment thinking.

The brutal assassination of Qaseem Soleimani served as another national trauma that deeply affected the psyche of those who lived through the JFK assassination.  The allegations that Trump was, once again, deceived by the Neo cons especially those he brought into his administration, continues to wear thin.    

The latest rantings of Kyle Jurak, a Bernie staffer in Iowa spouting more than  irresponsible pothead gibberish went off the rails with if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination, Milwaukee “will burn” and that the “cops are the ones getting fucking beaten in Milwaukee.”

Threatening that ‘we’re going to  make 1978 look like a fucking girl scout fucking cookout,” Jurak’s demented view of reality included “I’m all aboard for gulags for a significant portion of our society.  I think he is too” referring to Sanders.

His crazed violent view of the world spans the political spectrum vowing that “liberals get the fucking wall first,” that he would “walk into MSNBC studios, drag those Mfers out by their hair and set them on fire in the streets,’ while “The only thing fascists understand is violence and the only way to confront them is with violence.

As a warped guy who is clearly in need of psychiatric help, it is worth asking whether he speaks for any one else or is his thinking representative of his generation? One wonders how the Sanders campaign has responded to Jurak’s shocking thoughts especially assurances of Bernie’s support for Gulags.

As if to sum up the last three years of widespread confusion and distrust across the country, there is an unsettling disquiet beginning to focus on whether Election Day, November 3 will go off without a hitch.

Meanwhile, CyberReason, an Israeli tech firm recently sponsored a simulation of Election Day 2020 ending with the pretend prediction of extreme chaos and confusion leading to cancellation of the election and declaration of martial law.   

As reported by the Mint Press, Cyberreason is led and partnered with an array of Israeli and US intel and military officials including Israel’s elite intelligence unit 8200 and the CIA together with U.S. weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin and financial institutions tied to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner.   

Participating in the simulation were officials from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service to monitor the US government’s response to a hacking attack or other election day crisis scenarios.

Under the guise of protecting the vote in a fictional American town, the simulation focused on attacks to civilian infrastructure like polling places and the public transportation system with psychological operations creating fake bomb threats and widespread disinformation rumors.

It is more than worrisome that the foreknowledge of where weakness exists within the American electoral  system on Election Day could work to the advantage of those ‘bad actors,’ some of whom may have been part of the simulated game, as Election Day 2020 is derailed.

Which brings us to VOTE EARLY –  Every State has an Early Voting option and County Clerk’s can best advise the public how to take advantage of Early Voting.

Renee Parsons has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and President of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter.   She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member in the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC.  She can be found on Twitter @reneedove31. 

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