Why did Nancy Pelosi have gold trays of gold-embossed pens to sign the articles of impeachment?

Impeachment Day One; LaRouche PAC Special Report


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By Barbara Boyd – barbara@lpac-organizers.com

Thursday, January 16th, was the first day of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, or Donald John Trump, as the Democrats have repeatedly reminded us today, seeking to cast the President of the United States in the mode of the common criminal defendant. Today’s official events largely consisted of the formalities of presentation of the two House articles of impeachment, and the swearing of the House managers, the Chief Justice John Roberts, and the swearing in of the “jurors,” namely, the Senators themselves. The Democratic talking points were all about being solemn and realizing that the weight of history “was on your shoulders,” and the moment was “profound.” These points were repeated so many times today that those saying them were visibly bent and sour-faced by the end of the day, profundity having escaped them completely.

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi invented a special ritual to emphasize just how solemn and prayerful this all was, funeral marching, with her seven floor managers, a silver tray with the articles of impeachment on it, over to the Senate — a televised show of gravity and, presumably, the continued ability to walk. A few hours later the actual gold-embossed pens she used to sign the articles and gave away as souvenirs were being solemnly hawked on eBay.

Today, besides getting bent by solemnity and history, actual Democratic Senators were manically and gleefully flogging their latest fake talking points concerning new alleged Russian hacks, the compelling honesty of huckster Lev Parnas, and claims that Rudy Giuliani somehow arranged for the stalking of former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch in Ukraine–pure salacious tabloid fare for the labile and credulous. This was to buttress the demand that John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney and other White House officials must be called as witnesses lest the Senate be accused of a White House coverup for a man who has declared himself the monarch, the King. (Yes, folks, they are really saying that.) Finally, the General Accounting Office rolled out an opinion that the President violated the law when the President placed his short hold on lethal aid to Ukraine. This seemed to be the final bombshell of this day.

The substantive trial begins on Tuesday, Jan. 21, although we can expect another round of bombshell fakery before that.

Here’s what LaRouche PAC is watching and what we have to say about the “bombshells” delivered to date:

(1). To Be Kept Constantly in Mind: The whole shebang is a complete fraud on the American people. President Trump was correct to withhold lethal aid from Ukraine and he should never have approved it. The absolutely fake claim being foisted on you is that Ukrainian freedom fighters need this aid to “fight the Russians” who have invaded them. Just like the fact that a Russian hack is not responsible for WikiLeaks exposing Hillary Clinton’s rank sabotage of the Sanders campaign, debate cheating, and abject Wall Street servitude in 2016, the Russian military was not and is not on the ground in the Donbas or elsewhere in Eastern Ukraine. This fact, well known in Ukraine itself, but contradicted by a flagrant propaganda campaign conducted by NATO, the British Foreign Office, British military’s Integrity Initiative, and the U.S. State Department, was confirmed yet again in December in an official report by a German Bundestag research unit.

(2). Further, many of the Ukrainian “freedom fighters” are outright neo-Nazis, such as the Azov Battalion, and related terrorist groups. Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden, and Victoria Nuland put them into power in 2014 in a geopolitical color revolution and coup to make Ukraine a vassal state for terrorists determined to march through Russia’s border. Christopher Steele and all the British intelligence operatives involved in attempting to defeat and eliminate Donald Trump were also involved in the Ukraine coup. The fact that the coup empowered neo-Nazis, the “freedom fighters” Congress insists on funding, is so well known that Congress has passed fruitless resolutions about not letting the arms we are providing fall into the hands of neo-Nazis. Meanwhile, NATO and the British train the very same neo-Nazis in Ukraine itself. Raytheon sold Ukraine Javelin anti-tank missiles through the new deals approved by the President, a sale championed by our hyperactive Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, who, in his former life was Raytheon’s chief lobbyist. Problem? There is no tank warfare in Ukraine.

(3). The first “new narrative” bombshell drop by the information warriors seeking to poison and/or fry your mind occurred on Monday, January 15th, in the New York Times. It claimed that the Russians hacked the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, where Hunter Biden made millions because of his name. There is a necessity in the play produced by the Democrats to never admit that any part of the fake narrative about Trump has been wrong, a strategic necessity to drive a wedge between Trump and Putin who, together, just might achieve peace in such neighborhoods as the Middle East. Who is claiming this new hack by the Russians? Well, a company called Area 1 Security out of California run by Oleg Falkowitz and Blake Darche. Falkowitz is an Obama intelligence community veteran, serving at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, U.S. Cyber Command and the NSA and Darche is a veteran of –wait for it–CrowdStrike, the people who concocted the Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta narrative. To make sure we get the parallel, Area 1 Security assures us that the Russian hackers are from the GRU, the same outfit indicted by Robert Mueller for allegedly hacking the DNC and John Podesta and revealing truthful facts about Hillary Clinton. According to the New York Times and Area 1 the GRU hackers were using the code name “Fancy Bear.” Fancy Bear, however, is a piece of malware owned by the Ukrainian hacking group Anonymous or Shaltai Boltoi, notorious for working in operations against the Russian state and suspected of similar operations on behalf of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

(4). The next rollout in the week’s planned info war concerned the documents furnished by Lev Parnas, who served as Rudy Giuliani’s translator while Giuliani sought to investigate illegal Ukrainian intervention into the 2016 election on behalf of Hillary Clinton and why the corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars while his father, as Vice President, served as a virtual modern viceroy in post-coup Ukraine. Joe Biden bragged that he got the prosecutor investigating

Burisma, where his son sat on the board, fired by threatening to withhold millions of dollars in IMF and U.S. aid unless the prosecutor was fired.

Parnas is the new version of characters we have seen before in the Trump impeachment saga –vaguely criminal looking wise guys like Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti. They have all been proven to lie with abandon to escape jail, or in Avenatti’s case, also because he is an outright sociopath. There are real questions as to whether all of them have extant contracts with intelligence agencies of various countries. Parnas has been indicted in the Southern District of New York federal court on multiple FEC violations, false statements, and alteration of official documents. He stands accused of making huge and transparently illegal campaign contributors to PACs associated with the President, using money from Ukrainian oligarchs, while hoping to cash in on marijuana licenses. His lawyers are heavily involved in the marijuana “industry.”

Lev has been trying to “compose” about what Rudy did in Ukraine ever since his indictment in order to get himself a deal and now he is resorting to the familiar line, “Trump knew everything” about what Rudy and Parnas were doing in Ukraine. He admits he never had a direct conversation with President Trump. Lev’s prosecutors aren’t buying his fictions and, instead, recently tried to revoke his bail because he concealed his assets from them. He provided all the stuff the feds seized from him to Schiff and Company and they are now flogging it as “new and devastating evidence against Trump.” Don’t see anything wrong with investigating Ukrainian election interference or Biden corruption? You have been brainwashed by the cult of the Monarch. (I’m not kidding, they really are saying this).

(5) Were Lev and a paranoid landscaper from Connecticut named Robert Hyde attempting to stalk former U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch? Text messages between the two turned over to Adam Schiff by Lev are also being hyped to make this ridiculous claim. Yovanovitch was made the heroine of the House impeachment hearings because, according to her testimony and the Democrats, she was fired and smeared by the white bully men, Giuliani and Trump, when she was the sole thing standing between the Ukrainian freedom fighters and the Russian hoards and Ukrainian mafia.

In reality, the “Iron Lady” as she is known, ran color revolutions at every State Department post she inhabited. In her House testimony she admitted that her main confidant in Ukraine was Arsen Avakov, the Interior Minister who runs and controls the neo-Nazis. In another mini bombshell delivered late today Avakov announced that he had opened a Ukrainian investigation as to whether or not his Iron Lady was being stalked. No American media has bothered to report who Avakov actually is and who he controls. Both Parnas and Robert Hyde deny they were stalking Yovanovitch. Both Parnas and Hyde have a checkered history with the law, debtors, and the boundaries of rationality.

(6). Finally, the last “bombshell” of today’s barrage. The GAO report that the Administration violated the law by temporarily withholding aid legislated by Congress. Not something new here. GAO found the Obama Administration broke the law at various times and has already tangled with Trump. The Office of Management and Budget has pushed back on the GAO claim, noting that GAO has had to revise or withdraw some recent decisions which proved to be lacking in legal rigor.



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