Yes, Q Anon is a citizen investigative cooperation, but it’s also an unparalleled hopium dealer!

Submitted by The Infamous Benny Cloyse

Q Anon is a citizen investigative cooperation, a united effort to expose forces in power who perpetrate evil on the innocent, who have in most cases escaped consequences for committing heinous crimes not limited to, but including human trafficking, pedophilia and cannibalism.

The cooperative is hardly a passive or do nothing operation. Each participant, whether an occasional fact tracker or dedicated citizen investigator follows leads and shares what they discover individually with others who look further into or expand on those findings.

It’s imperative you understand, Anons are by mission a threat to nobody except criminals, pedophiles and corrupt politicians. These patriotic men and women advocate and gleefully embrace a nonviolent approach to change and legal retribution, a membership bylaw repeatedly reiterated by Q Anon and their duly elected president, Donald J Trump. Their objective is to disseminate truth, to inspire a national adherence to the US Constitution, the rule of law and agitate legal consequences for those who choose to violate either.

Those so eagerly disparaging Q Anon do so reciting Left-wing propaganda designed to vilify Trump supporters and Q Anon followers. They hope to label as violent terrorists any and all opposition to Washington DC’s power hungry coterie of Satan worshiping, baby raping globalists and their army of violent domestic terrorists, Antifa and BLM. It’s a clinical case of projection and transference, both symptoms of significant mental instability.

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