Biden Voters Deserve Shame For Endorsing A Reckless Political Hack!

Healdsburg, CA
April 14, 2021

by Rich Scheck

Those who voted for Joseph Biden to replace the “evil” Donald Trump deserve to be reprimanded for their poor judgment that has brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

A careful reading of the following article provides all the evidence one needs to comprehend the level of stupidity and poor judgment that flowed from endorsing such a reckless hypocrite.

Projecting our own imperial designs onto the Russian Federation and its leader Vladimir Putin while conducting aggressive actions based on claims of exceptionalism is the hallmark of post WWII US foreign policy.

Despite an endless stream of wars based on lies that have killed millions and disrupted the lives of innocent people all over the planet, those proclaiming the mantle of freedom and democracy who inhabit the realms of both political parties and obtain political office have shown a uniformity of action in pursuit of an elusive Pax Americana.

Failure has not deterred these reckless warmongers as they move ever forward as we see today in Ukraine, the South China Sea, the Middle East and other global flashpoints.

Laziness augmented by MSM saturation of the airways that fueled Trump Derangement Syndrome enabled delusional voters to believe that the deeply flawed Bad Man Orange was somehow worse than the Democratic option. Three months into his Administration, Biden is proving to be even more of a Wrecking Ball than his predecessor who prided himself on being a disruptive force.

I say shame, shame on those who have facilitated the current crisis by their complicity in failing to take the long, hard road of creating a viable alternative to the two war parties occupying the DC Swamp.

A combination of smugness, stupidity and vulnerability to propaganda from perfidious intelligence community operatives has brought us to this extremely delicate moment that rivals the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Even though I understand why so many were troubled by Trump’s antics and policy decisions, it should have been evident from the record that Biden and his Democratic colleagues lacked the integrity needed to steer the Ship of State forward through these troubled times.

One need not go much deeper to question Biden’s judgment than to reflect on how someone can call their son, “the smartest man I know” when that child admits among many indiscretions that he smoked parmesan cheese thinking it was crack cocaine; had sex with his recently deceased brother’s wife; and left evidence of his guilty conduct with a computer repairman.

So excuse me for wanting to assign complicity to those who have abetted the current crisis by shamefully voting for a corrupt political hack. America is no more competent to police the world than that feckless cop who somehow shot a young man in Minnesota with her sidearm instead of a taser.

I have little doubt that if we somehow survive this predicament, that History will record the folly of those who allowed Biden to occupy the White House and the wisdom of those who have labored to manifest a more positive alternative.

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