After CIA-Directed Assassination Attempt on President Lukashenko Disrupted, Belarus To Merge With Russia!

After Assassination Disrupted, Belarus to Merge With Russia! Doubles Border area with NATO; Exposes ALL of Ukraine to Invasion

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Intelligence circuits are buzzing Sunday with news that the foiled assassination plot against Belarus President Lukashenko has convinced him that his country should MERGE with Russia for protection.

The alleged plot, which was reportedly foiled yesterday, was said to have been approved by the US C.I.A. because Lukashenko allowed Russian Army units to “share” Belarus military bases, as the troubles in Ukraine get worse.

This sharing agreement means that Ukraine is almost completely surrounded by Russia, or Russia-favorable countries, and if a fight erupts between Ukraine and Russia, it is now likely Ukraine will be “disintegrated” – won’t exist as a country anymore!

If any of Ukraine is allowed to continue in existence as its own political entity, it will likely be severed from the Black Sea, by Russian troops seizing all the land to Odessa!

The map below shows the present situation in Ukraine: Luhansk and Donetsk are already seeking to leave Ukraine and are being attacked by Ukraine troops trying to topple those states and get them to submit to the Ukraine Capital in Kiev. Crimea, at the southern end of the country, has already voted to leave Ukraine and has already been accepted back into territorial Russia by the Russian government.

If Russian troops have to enter Ukraine to protect Luhansk and Donetsk from Ukrainian Army attack, then those Russian troops will likely also take the states of Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Kherson and Odessa. They __may__ even take Mykolayiv, which would totally cut the remaining “Ukraine” off from the Black Sea as shown below:

This would mirror the Ukraine ELECTION RESULTS from the final election before their government was overthrown by European and American meddling back in the year 2014.

In the final Presidential Election before the overthrow, democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovich carried the entire east and southeast of Ukraine! Yanukovich was favorable to Russia, his base of support are mostly Russian-speaking and are favorable to Russia as well.

But Europe and America refused to accept when Yanukovich turned down their offer to become closer with the West. Yanukovich decided Ukraine was better if it stayed with Russia.

Europe and America refused to take “no” for an answer. They fomented, paid-for, and incited violent rebellion in Ukraine, which got so bad, Yanukovich had to flee the country. Once he was gone, the US and Europe installed a puppet government in Kiev, and they have been pushing to get Ukraine into NATO, to establish NATO missile bases in eastern Ukraine.

If successful, those missile bases would be within FIVE MINUTES MISSILE FLIGHT TIME to hit Russia’s nuclear arsenal. The Russians wouldn’t even have time enough to defend their own missiles, then find themselves decapitated by a NATO first strike, and at that point, would have no way of defending themselves from invasion and takeover.

So Russia sees its very existence as being in jeopardy by what the EU and USA are doing in Ukraine, and that’s why Russia is stepping-up, full-bore, to get this NATO nonsense stopped in Ukraine . . . even if that means invading Ukraine and wiping it out.

Today, more trainloads of tanks arrived in Rostov-on-Don but THESE tanks had an interesting added feature: Fording Kits! In the video below, you can see those kits, in green, atop each tank:

These kits put the engine air intake about eight feet above the tank, allowing it to get completely submerged by river water, but with the engine still running so the tank can still move!

It is now believed that these particular tanks would be used by Russia during an invasion, to cross the Siverskyi Donets River in Luhansk as shown on the map below:

and the Kal’mius River in Donetsk as shown on this additional map:

Major Massing of Forces

Today, two more Russian major landing vessels, now of the Baltic Fleet, normally based in the Baltic Sea’s Kaliningrad, passed the Bosporus strait and entered the Black Sea. In addition to yesterday’s two.

Russian amphibious group in Black Sea has reached 4 major landing ships (each carries 10 battle tanks + 340 soldiers), 6 minor landing ships (each carries 100 soldiers) as well as gunboats + rocket artillery boats. This is enough for a landing of a tank regiment.

It also appears that Russian naval forces have today been rehearsing off the coast of Crimea.

They now have the capacity to put a battalion sized armored unit ashore.

We must assume that if they want, they can attack the shoreline — or a port — any day (or night) from now.

EUCOM has raised their threat level for Ukraine: From “potential crisis” to “potential imminent crisis.”

More Diplomats Ejected

The Czech Ambassador was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow on Sunday, after Prague announced it would expel 18 Russian diplomats.

In response, Russia has declared 20 diplomats of the Czech Embassy personae non gratae.

The bigger picture

There are presently about 8 billion humans alive on this planet.

Yet some self-anointed arbiter of what the planet “can support” has decided – without our consent or our vote – that the planetary population cannot exceed 500 million.

They realize the only way to de-populate the earth is via either a massive and deadly disease outbreak; which they TRIED with their COVID-19 nonsense . . . and failed. Or, a war.

Having failed to “cull the herd” with their COVID-19, the globalists will now go underground and then start a war.

Their goal is millions dead

In order to achieve that goal, this war will go nuclear.

Russia can’t win a conventional war against NATO or the US. We will poke that sleeping bear a little too much, soon.

Mutually assured destruction sure is MAD. And, that is the goal when you are underground and watching, while eating a bowl of popcorn, as “the herd” gets culled.

Incidentally, the herd . . . is me and you. Our families. Our children.

If this war actually does kick off, when the left-wing liberals come out of their shelters, be sure to walk right up to them and give them the (ahem) “Thanks” they deserve for stealing the US Presidential election, and using that theft to get millions of us and our families KILLED.

Don’t talk to them. Don’t ask them anything. Just walk right up and (ahem) Thank them.


Lest you think my “take” on the severity of the situation is somehow “sensationalist” or that there is no possible way this situation can erupt into what I have been saying (World War 3 and go nuclear), it may interest you to know that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have moved their clock to . . . 100 seconds to midnight (Armageddon). That’s the closest it has E V E R been. . .


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