South Dakota Shuts Down the Satanic Agenda with New Bill

South Dakota House Passes Bill Setting Criminal Sanctions on Doctors Who Drug and Mutilate ‘Transgender’ Children

Author: Nwo Report

This is a much needed rebuke of the satanic LGBT agenda.


The South Dakota state house approved legislation that will make it a criminal act for doctors to prescribe drugs, such as puberty blockers, to “transgender” children in the state.

H.B. 1057 was passed on Wednesday by a 46-23 vote. The legislation will also ban genital mutilation from being performed on transgender children. This applies to children who are the age of 16 and younger in order to protect them from being aggressively targeted and groomed by the LGBT agenda looking for new recruits.

State Rep. Fred Deutsch (R), the primary sponsor of the legislation, made the announcement of the bill’s passage on his Twitter account.


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