Submitted by GA

So sorry for the confusion, but I just shared what some anonymous person posted… warn others.
Yes, I too was grieved when I read this account. 
It makes me sad ….and also very angry at the CREEPS doing this to all of us.
I don’t know the man’s name, but God knows.
I have had a burden for him too, and have been asking for a miracle.
Unfortunately, this day and age, going to the hospital is a death sentence, the criminal elite are desperate to get the death numbers up……and of course, withholding the very treatment that would have kept him out of the hospital: Ivermectin and HydroxyChloroQuine. 
IF he had received this right away, he would NOT even BE in a Hospital!!!
Ivermectin and Hydroxycholoquine KNOCKS OUT any cold or flu within the first 4 days…….unless someone is SUPER health compromised.  That is NOT the case with this healthy gentlemen!!!
But Ivermectin and HydroxyCholorQuine are being WITH HELD from ALL Patients!!!!
So the fact that a super healthy person like this even ended up in the Hospital, much less ICU, means he is NOT receiving the Ivermectin or HydroxyChloroQuine….and Vit C and Vit D3 and Zinc.  If that doesn’t cut it, you add a typical Z-pack antibiotic.


The major pharmacies will NOT (are not allowed to) even fill ANY prescription request for these 2 highly effective items!!!
Don’t you understand THIS by now???
Hospitals are FORBIDDEN to give people Ivermectin and HydroxyCholorQuine!!!
Once you are in the hospital they WANT to KILL YOU these days……they are so desperate for the death numbers to go up, so they can substantiate a need for LOCKDOWNS!!!!
I’ve read accounts of people in the hospital terribly sick, and REQUESTED these prescriptions, BUT THEY WERE FORBIDDEN!!!
These patients (the smart ones) just get up and walk out of the HOSPITAL…..and then plea for Help online, to get Ivermectin and HydroxychloroQuine!!!
KNOW THIS:  If you get a flu or  a bad cold NEVER GO TO A HOSPITAL THESE DAYS…..THAT IS THE LAST PLACE YOU SHOULD GO….because their goal is to KILL YOU, not heal you!!!

Don’t you understand THIS by now???
THAT is I was deeply burdened today and shared this story and asked for a miracle from God….hoping others would pray the same..
No one should go to Any Hospital these days, not with satanists in control!
Ask God to intervene, and create a miracle.
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