Coronavirus Pandemic Being Hyped Like No Other Infectious Disease EVER!

Astute Observation from ZeroHedge commenter:

UPDATE……Just for fun…in Google…type in “Coronavirus bioweapon” Then do the same in Duck Duck go. Very interesting top results. It is so obvious what Google has been told to rank high.

This is ZH…take a step back….

Is this another “SETH RICH” style take down?

What have we always said here..”Follow the money…”

Who will gain from this Virus?

Is the Virus really deadly?

Is the Virus being played out to be something it is not?

I am not discounting the deaths…all deaths are tragic, but the numbers are really low in comparison to many other health issues…or diseases?

Yep….I am going full conspiracy retard for a moment…bare with me. So the globalist elite are having trouble staying in power around the world…from the Clintons, Obama, Elected deep state to the Epstein types, they are all being exposed. Trump has crushed China with Tariffs, and globally has put all countries that have been screwing us on edge….What would it take for these countries and the elites to get back at him and try and get him out of office? Is it a released bio-weapon? Is the goal to cause fear and panic, destroy the economy, crash the markets? Why aren’t any of the news outlets focusing on where this came from. It was not from animals. Not from a market. Something is not right with this entire scenario.

NOTE THIS…..SEVERAL PEOPLE have died in the USA from getting sick. Yes this is tragic….but what about these people I list below…each one of these is a person?

88,000 people die from alcohol in the USA per year. That is 241 per day. Why no alarm?

480,000 people die from tobacco use per year in the USA. That is 1315 per day. No bans or quarantines?

19,565 people died last year from falling. That is 53 per day. Not on the news…

300,000 deaths a year form obesity in the USA. That is 821 per day. Nobody cares about these people?

THINK ABOUT THESE NUMBERS…..and over the entire Coronavirus thing so far….how many people have died in the USA….

2 <<<<<<<<< YES ……. 2 (TWO)

Again…every death is tragic…..

How many people will die TODAY from other causes…. 7452 (JUST TODAY)

I could keep going with statistics… but think about all of this from a different view. Are we being played? I think it is a valid question. Why such panic on all world wide news stations if the numbers don’t demand this type of panic. There are hundreds of other causes of preventable death in perspective that should be addressed rather than this…. Am I crazy? I just think something is not right with this…

At first I bought into it…now I am questioning everything…

The number one question for me is “Is the reaction to the data justified?” As of what I just typed…I am a 100% NO.

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