Is Israel using the coronavirus to selectively assassinate anti-Zionists?

Robert Steele: Is MBS Dead? Is Israel Using Coronavirus as Cover for Assassinating Selective Opponents World-Wide? Bernie Sanders At Risk?

Public Intelligence Blog

I have no direct knowledge. Iranian leadership circles are buzzing this morning over the possibility that MBS has either been assassinated, or knows he almost was. The arrest of his brother and others is anomalous.

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince orders arrest of king’s brother and nephew: Reports

This does of course bring up the possibility that the coronavirus is being used as cover for Israel to assassinate selective opponents world-wide. No one is treating this global event as a counterintelligence challenge, which they should. I predict that some of the anomalous deaths will be younger people with anti-Zionist credentials.

Me, I’m just a village idiot in his basement watching the show. From where I sit 5G and satellite microwaves are absolutely a major contextual factor that must be addressed, but they also make it quite certain that governments need to evaluate the possibility that Zionist software embedded in all telecommunications and satellite systems worldwide has allowed for the modulation of ground 5G and satellite microwave to be modulated in such as way as to cause both mass radiation sickness “coincident” with the contrived fake pandemic, and individual targeting — heart attacks, lung cancer, there appears to be multiple biological diseases that can be implanted by electromagnetic means.

One reason I wanted a rapid investigation was to quickly identify the Deep State participants and neutralize them — there is still the risk of the Zionist Deep State elements spreading the actual bio-engineered virus, imported via diplomatic pouch, in order to keep this panic alive.

Netanyahu’s opponents in Israel should be on high alert for bio and electro-magnetic attacks against them.


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