Here’s what Biden is using the Ukraine War to distract the American people from

The EU can NOW BEGIN to THANK Joe Bribem when they have NO GAS or HEAT !

And as Joe Keeps up the War/Political Tension in the Ukraine at all Costs and until the  Death of the Last Ukrainian and the EU is without Gas or Heat.

All the while…..Ignoring Security of your own Borders in the USA

Deflect and Keep the Focus off of the real problems… corrupt elections,  tax hikes, shutting down pipe lines and drilling in the US,  unlimited illegal immigration, wasting Trillions in mistaken military blunders, Trillions for green new deals while China builds countless coal fired facilities, defunding police, prosecutors that do not prosecute serious felony crime,  the US funding international abortions programs,  mismanaged ineffective clot shot mandates, and failure to approve effective safe therapeutics, failure to prevent massive gov waste, and  fight government corruption.  

PLUS, out of control massive inflation, gasoline and food prices skyrocketing  since day one of this White House Admin, and government spending and government debt are at a point of no return to normal. 

LAST, is to move along and see nothing, hear nothing,  of the huge number of US funded bio labs in both China and the Ukraine.  

Move Along Now, wear your mask, and get your FOURTH “safe, effective, and free” clot shot.   Nothing to see here.

Comment posted by Just Another Vietnam Vet


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