Some Excellent Videos on the COVID-19 bioweapon & weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’

Submitted by C3

Dr. Jane Ruby interviewing whistleblower – please pass it along:

Dr. Jane Ruby – so-called vaccines:

All-causes deaths – COVID injections?

Mass formation (hypnosis of the masses via media):

Mortician claims rubber band-like objects in arteries and veins of the dead who were vaccinated:

World Economic Forum has Francis as heavy-hitter in stakeholder capitalism – article and video:

United Nations Agenda 21: a complete global inventory and control plan for the 21st century.
So what does smart growth or smart cities mean?  S = sustainability / M = monitoring / A = assessment / R = rating / T = tracking.
Learn what Rosa Koire (author of Behind the Green Mask) has uncovered concerning this deceptive and troubling acronym, which entails rewards and punishments for the global citizen:
(I would suggest listening to the audio in the link above, the video is a little messed up in its sound quality)

Dr. Rima seems right over the target – a 90% culling:

Alex Jones report – microplastics containing nanoparticles being sprayed on food (scroll down to find embedded video):

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