“It looks like the plan is to arrest Trump on Obstruction charges.”

It looks like the plan is to arrest Trump on Obstruction charges.
It does not matter if MAGA takes to the streets in outrage, they have plenty of dolls to dress up and mouths to mutter.
This much is clear.
There will be MAGA violence.
It must be Trump related, no financial collapse, no disease, no foreign war, they have lost control, I have never seen them so openly desperate.
I think the Republican Primaries were the canary. Trump candidates went like 180 to 10 or something, so the Red wave will be MAGA not RINO. This forced the establishment hand. This and the loss of narrative, without narrative they must use force. And to use open force they desperately need a pretext, not that J6 bullshit.
They need a massacre and a body count.
On video.
Pumped through all their varicose veins of narrative transmission.
Shock and Awe. To sufficiently stun the normies for what comes next.
I think its desperate, ill conceived and going to fail badly. Oh there will be pain and suffering, but this group currently running this show, are not going to pull this off, no chance.
Much like Ukraine, the end has already been decided.

Thank you for the site and the article, it is an important one, and it was extremely well done.
I hope those so inclined have a bountiful harvest, and all here manage to stay clear of the tumultuous chaos spreading like disease.

Comment by Ottomatik


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