Check out what some of the top Democrats communists are saying about Trump’s spurious indictment.

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An extended roundup of Trump indictment news and analysis, plus a little additional good news to get your heads right. The long covid emergency is almost over.

Jeff Childers
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🔥🔥🔥 Maybe Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg had finally had enough, had read one too many “DA Does Nothing” stories in the New York Times, had heard one too many “Fat Albert” jokes sniggered around the office, and the straw finally broke George Soros’ camel’s back. Either way, yesterday Fat Alvin and the Prosecutors asked a carefully-selected New York Grand Jury to indict Trump, and they did it with gusto.

Alvin’s rabid grand jurors were barking “yes! yes!” before he’d even finished asking the question.

I’ll explain the legal process later and how things are likely to play out slowly, but let’s wade through the politics first, since this is really more of a political event than a legal event.

There are two groups of hot takes right now. Insane leftists are crowing about how wonderful our legal system is (it’s NOT racist after all, not today), a marvelous system blind to people’s wealth, position, and skin color, a wonderous manifestation of perfect justice, something they’re celebrating as the “rule of law.” Exhibit A in this category was grotesque nightmare Nancy Pelosi, squawking like a zombified crow from her retirement nest and scaring the little children:

All that time in government, and Pelosi still thinks criminal defendants have to “prove their innocence.” That’s not how it works, Nancy, it’s the other way ‘round. There’s a slogan some of us use to remember it: “innocent UNTIL proven guilty.” Maybe that will help you next time.

It’s okay, it’s not her fault. I blame the public school system, or, possibly, plastic surgery brain damage.

On the far-far end of the lunatic left live the smugly satisfied, like RINO traitor, Clinton email-server coverer-upper, and Russia-collusion FBI Director James Comey, whose chronic hemorrhoids and anal warts must have been finally responding to treatment yesterday, otherwise I’m not sure what he meant exactly:

On the right, most conservatives appear to be falling right into the distraction trap, bickering with each other whether Trump’s indictment and inevitable arrest will either help him politically or hurt him politically, like the democrats just advanced a pawn in the presidential campaign’s chess match, and is not in fact an irreversible breach of democratic norms that has plunged the country into a hysterical free fall.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s an example of the pro-Trump campaign take:

I think all this political calculation is a horrible mistake for conservatives and is precisely the trap that radical democrats want us to fall into. Who cares about the politics? It’s kind of like chatting with your neighbor about the pro’s and con’s of different lawnmower brands after your neighbor STOLE YOUR LAWNMOWER. The stolen lawnmower’s BRAND isn’t the point.

But fortunately, there are a lot more sane people out there than you’d expect, coming out of a pandemic-slash-mass delusion. Ordinary voters are mostly sure the whole Trump prosecution thing is a political operation and not a legitimate law-enforcement action, according to a new Rasmussen poll. Rassmussen breaks down the numbers in this clip:

Former Democrat and respected constitutional scholar Alvin Dershowitz called Trump’s indictment the worst case of prosecutorial misconduct ever, which still understates the damage.

Conservative activist and brainy anti-marxist James Lindsay recently published a podcast describing what he calls “mid-level violence” or “strategic provocation” as a staple of the democrats’ marxist playbook. It’s a very interesting idea and sounds right to me. Lindsay explained the democrats’ most commonly-deployed strategy these days is to provoke a target into the impossible dilemma of either giving in — and becoming demoralized — or pushing back in some way and then being hysterically portrayed as having overreacted.

I was reminded of James’ theory while watching the looney-Trans protests in Tennessee’s Capitol yesterday over that state’s new anti-gender-mutilation laws.


I could go on and on and on.

For years, Trump’s been sloganing, “They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.” President Trump is right.

This story is not really about Trump. Trump’s indictment and upcoming arrest is the capstone on a decades-long democrat strategy, not to ENFORCE the rule of law, but to DESTROY the rule of law. My personal theory is the democrats have been working to accomplish this ever since they lost the Civil War, because they never peacefully surrendered — as the history books incorrectly imply — but were forcefully subjugated by Republicans. (General Lee only surrendered the army, not the Confederate government, whose president Jefferson Davis was caught and imprisoned for treason.)

But it’s a long theory. I’ll essay it sometime if enough of you are interested.

Regardless of WHY, it is clear the left is attempting a soft coup, to rewrite the rules in order to destroy Republicans and the UNITED States of America forever, which was after all created or reconstituted by Republicans after the Civil War. It has often been said, “Republicans think democrats are stupid. Democrats think Republicans are evil.”

When your opponent is a nasty “evil” person, Hollywood has taught us all from birth that breaking the rules to stop the evil people is a moral achievement. How many blockbuster examples would I have to show you?

Nancy Pelosi’s misstatement of the natural order of prosecution was not, in fact, a misstatement. That is exactly how she sees the legal standard. Pelosi and democrats think THEY are entitled to a STRONG presumption of innocence, but Republicans must assumed guilty until proven innocent, and the Biden DOJ has been proceeding accordingly.

Just ask sensational Moms for Liberty founder Tiffany Justice about the DOJ’s two-tiered justice system:

Tucker Carlson, bless him, sees things just like I do. His entire monologue last night is worth a watch, but he made the main point when he declared soberly, “there’s no coming back from this.”

Here’s another important bit:

Take three steps back. Pause for a minute. Consider the escalation in tactics on display here. In the 2016 election, when the most powerful interest in this country decided Donald Trump could NOT be president … to make certain he never was … the FBI began working with the Clinton campaign to spread false allegations that the President had been colluding with the government of Russia. But the FBI wasn’t defunded and shut down — as it would have been in a functioning country — it continued to interfere in elections and it continues to do so to this day.

The bottom line is the democrats’ indictment of Trump is just like Julius Caesar’s illegal crossing of the Rubicon river with his army. After that, his only two options were overthrowing the Roman government or being executed for treason. Caesar did overthrow Rome, and the empire descended into increasingly-deranged tyranny.

To every living person on the globe: We are all in this together, and it is long-past time we all ACTED like we are in this together. The world will not enjoy a one-party, nuclear-armed United States run by democrats, no matter how much they despise President Trump and hope to see him jailed. That would be an epic disaster of civilizational scale.

Think about it. If they get sole control, the democrats will turn every other country on Earth into Ukraine.

Trump’s indictment is a clear inflection point, and I think the message is loud and clear. It’s not really about the next election, not at all. Nothing like Trump’s arrest has ever happened before in the U.S., and it is obvious to everyone sane that whatever comes next must either be a restoration of freedom and liberty, or a nightmarish cataclysm. Every single federal worker who wants to avoid living in a chaos-filled, dystopian anarchy needs to start whisteblowing right NOW.

That’s actually good news. This problem didn’t start with Trump. Trump just lanced the boil and now all the pus is oozing out. His arrest is an inflection point and everybody knows it. It’s time to stop pretending things we are living in normal times, and start calling out what the democrats have been up to. If they get away with it, every real Republican in Congress will be sitting exposed in the crosshairs.

And to sane democrats: these marxist revolutions never stop once the conservatives are beaten. The violence turns inward against itself, and the moderate leftists are the next tranche to be destroyed. Then the loyalty purges begin, and they never, ever, end. Resist.

So, be optimistic. I’m not saying it will be easy, or costless, but — barring an unpredictable miracle — Trump’s arrest will almost certainly provoke some kind of ultimate resolution, one way the other. Hang in there, hang together, and hang tight.

The resistance might already be starting. Governor DeSantis condemned Trump’s indictment yesterday in a tweet, and declared that Florida will NOT participate in extraditing the President for prosecution.


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