How to safeguard you and family ‘before’ possibly needing hospitalization

Caregivers and Consent document.

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Laura Bartlett and Greta Crawford founded an organization to address forced treatments patients receive when hospitalized for COVID-19. The same strategy can be used to protect yourself against other medical hazards as well.

The Caregivers and Consent document they created is an “advance decision” document. So, the moment you enter the hospital, the hospital staff know what they can and cannot do to you; they are legally required to respect your current care decisions. And unlike an Advance Directive (which only kicks in when you are incapacitated) the Caregivers and Consent document goes into effect immediately.

It’s important to complete and notarize your Caregivers and Consent document BEFORE you ever need to go to the hospital.

Make sure you send the completed, signed and notarized document to the CEO of the hospital in two ways: (1) via a professional courier (one that specializes in delivering legal documents); and (2) via the Postal system with certified mail, return receipt requested. The CEO is responsible for all legal business relating to the hospital, including the medical records, so the CEO, not your attending physician, is the one whose responsibility it is to get your consent document entered into your electronic medical record.

Make at least 10 copies of the signed, notarized document and keep one copy on your person, in case you ever have an accident or acute illness requiring hospitalization. Also provide copies to the attending physician and nurse once hospitalized.

Also, should you become hospitalized (and therefore unable to personally send the document to the CEO), designate a family member or friend to send your Caregivers and Consent document on your behalf. Additional recommendations to ensure your safety are included.

Video interview

In this interview, Laura Bartlett and Greta Crawford detail how you can protect yourself from one of the top contributors to premature death, namely conventional hospital care. The key is to understand what the dangers are and take proactive measures to guard yourself and your family from them. 1 hr 25 mins

Patient documents

Possible addition: I DO NOT CONSENT TO receiving blood transfusions from anyone who received covid-19 experimental mRNA gene therapy injections and/or boosters.

Licensed Funeral Director Laura Jeffery on Post-Vaccine Embalming | NCI

Funeral Director and embalmer Laura Jeffery recently testified at the National Citizens Inquiry in Toronto, Ontario.

Laura Jeffery is a 27-year licensed funeral director who details what she has seen in the embalming process of deceased individuals who received the COVID-19 vaccine. She says these are new findings in bodies since spring 2021 and has never been seen before in all her years in the industry.

Embalmers use a technique that drains the circulatory system of deceased patients and fills it with preservation so “we can present a person that is reasonable to how their appearance should be,” said Jeffery.

“I started to notice anomalies to what the return was – the return blood was stickier, thicker, darker and I started seeing little tiny pieces of clot like polka dots coming out… there was something different. I would call it ‘dirty blood.’”

Warning, there are some graphic images in this testimony!


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