RFK Jr. finally faces the real killers of his clan

An Open Letter to the good son of RFK,
and the nephew JFK would be proud of

Dear Robert F. Kennedy, Jr:

Robert, do you get it?

Surely you knew that the “Party” of JFK and RFK is gone—totally gone, as in taken over by hardcore communists and marxists, bolsheviks and anarchists, socialists and satanists.

And certainly you knew that you would face a witch hunt at the House hearing, as you did, conducted by the very worst Democrat witch in the USA—EVER!!! See Debbie Does D. C.!

Really, you must have expected getting lynched by the chief Khazarian witch — Debbie Wasserman Schultz — before you even had a trial—yes, no, maybe???

Please, if you haven’t already, Mr. Kennedy, take a close read of the over 2500 comments posted under the following video of that one-witch inquisition conducted by DWS.

VIDEO: Debbie Wasserman Schultz And RFK Jr. Clash When
She Confronts Him Over Alleged Anti-Semitic Statements

Every single comment — posted by DEMs and REPs alike — is in total support of you and your noble efforts to bridge the political divide in American government.

However, that’s not why we’re writing this open letter.

We’re penning this proposal because of what happened before that hearing ever took place.

As you well know, 102 Democrats signed a letter addressed to Speaker McCarthy to disinvite you from that hearing.

*The four most rabid instigators of that utterly repugnant letter were predictably Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Dan Goldman, Jamie Raskin and Adam Schiff, which ought to tell you something right there. 

Yes, the four biggest rabble-rousers were none other that the Khazarian Mafia’s most powerful and vocal political hitmen who do nothing but pollute the U.S. Congress with their treasonous stench every time they open their mouths.

Now, may we say that there’s a HUGE difference between merely unleashing their oral flamethrowers at good people like yourself and, say, letting loose their murderous assassins against the likes of  your father and your uncle, as well as your other uncle—Joseph Kennedy, Jr. and cousin—JFK, Jr. See: The Kennedy Assassination That No One Ever Talks About

We won’t mince words here: the Khazarian Cabal, which oversees the Chicago’s Jewish Supermob that effectively runs the American Military-Industrial Complex (MIC), is directly responsible for each of those 4 tragic assassinations (see reference below).  For it was only the Khazarian Mafia that had the power and influence, the muscle and criminal connections as well as the extraordinary capacity to forever cover up those four separate high-profile assassinations.

To the main point: your courageous taking on of the MIC and perpetual war economy is the biggest poke in the eye you could ever give the Khazarians.  Which means you have set yourself up — wittingly or wittingly — as their PUBLIC ENEMY #1 …. even more so than Donald Trump, believe it or not.

As you’re well aware, there’s no walking back the raw and radioactive MIC truth that you have already unloaded.  Which means that you might as well go all the way.  Finish the job that President John F. Kennedy started in the early sixties.  He quite bravely outed all of those criminally insane psychopaths…knowing full well that his days were numbered by doing so.

May we speak candidly? 

You’ve already stripped the C.I.A. naked as no one in public life has ever done before.

You’ve outed the ever war-profiteering Khazarian warmongers as no other political candidate has done in US history.

You’ve exposed Big Pharma’s weaponized COVID-19 injections as the extremely injurious and lethal bioweapons that they truly are.

So why not go for broke?

There’s clearly no one else in the Kennedy clan who could possibly do the damage that you can do to the Khazarian Klan, which, by the way, has singlehandedly wrecked and ruined the American Republic since the unconstitutional passing of their signature Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

By further exposing this most dangerous of all international crime syndicates in human history you will also be doing the world community of nations a BIG favor.  After all, the Khazarians have run all the other mafia crime families around the globe for centuries. See: The whole world is carved up into organized crime territories run by these top-tier Mafia families.

Therefore, not only will your great Kennedy forebearers rest in peace much more comfortably after your bold truth-telling and nation-saving endeavors, so, too, will righteous American Patriots in all 50 states be extremely grateful.   We all want our country back from the Khazarians who have systematically stolen it.

Lastly, Mr. Kennedy, we are compelled to remind you of the highly instructive cautionary tale concerning Russian President Vladimir Putin.  For years, Pres. Putin has absurdly addressed his counterparts throughout the West as his ‘partners’.  Then one day reality hit him — HARD — and he realized that all the US presidents and UK prime ministers are nothing but his archenemies who are hellbent on conquering Russia and executing him post-haste.  You, good sir, are in the very same boat, only your archenemies—the Khazarian Klan—literally surrounds you.  So, take heed, and understand the similar stark reality that you are at war.  As Ecclesiastes wisely tells US, there’s “a time for war, and a time for peace”.  So use the rest of this [WAR] campaign season telling the most explosive truths like your life depends upon it because it does, as does the continuity of these once United States of America.    


Conservatives for RFK, Jr.


Of the top 10 reasons why JFK was assassinated, this one is–BY FAR–the biggest.



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