9/11: A Treasonous, US Government-Directed, False Flag, Terror Operation Carried Out To Tyrannize The American People!


Nothing changes until the well-concealed
perpetrators are aggressively prosecuted
and severely punished for the transparent
US government-sponsored, false flag,

terrorist attacks!

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following exposés and essays, analyses and papers, articles and commentaries on the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks represent an irrefutable body of hard evidence that could convict the entire NWO cabal that carried out that black operation and global psyop.

As a prelude to these essential posts, the citizens’ indictment the follows was written by this Alt Media platform during the week of September 11, 2001.  Of course, the obvious observations that were made that week have all been categorically proven by many high-integrity 9/11 crime investigators and scientific researchers.

Now here’s the skeleton of that indictment written during September of 2001 which has been since fleshed out by the SOTN 9/11 Investigation Team over the past 22 years.

Federal Government for its numerous
roles in carrying out the attacks of 911

This is the beginning of a CITIZENS’ INDICTMENT of the US Federal Government for its direct role in the planning, coordination, execution and coverup of the 9/11 false flag terror attacks at various crime scenes throughout the USA.

Government owes its existence to the people.  Its primary purpose is to protect and safeguard the citizenry of the nation. It also exists to ensure the welfare of the populace, as well as to sustain an order in which all may flourish and pursue their goals.  This social contract is very much a two-way street in which the governed promise to carry out their civic duties while the government fulfills the myriad responsibilities of statehood.

What are some of the basic obligations and functions, which all governments are held to and expected to perform, within this contract?  They include a good faith commitment to: (i) protect the life, well-being and livelihood of each and every citizen, (ii) maintain a reasonably safe and secure environment in which to live, work and play and (iii) guarantee access to products and services which are not inherently dangerous, harmful or injurious to the citizenry who relies on government to regulate them.  Certainly, we state the ideal here recognizing that governments everywhere stray very far from these standards.  However….

It is now clear that this social contract and sacred trust have been flagrantly violated in the most profound and fundamental ways by the US Federal Government.  Therefore, We, the People, hand down the following “Citizen’s Indictment” in these United States of America against the current and previous two US Administrations.  Since this is a multi-count indictment of tremendous breadth and depth, we have taken the liberty of outlining each count as succinctly as possible.  As each investigator employs their own unique process of “discovery”, all are encouraged to flesh out the skeleton of this indictment to their complete satisfaction.  Given the enormous amount of information and data now available in the: (i) public record, (ii) government and private sectors, (iii) academic and research institutions (iv) internet base world wide web, there is a great abundance of factual evidence presented by highly authoritative sources concerning the following allegations.  The only constraints in ferreting out all of the pertinent facts/details will be one’s own initiative and dedication to the truth.  We, the People, hereby submit, with both great regret and undeterrable resolve, the following bill of indictment for immediate prosecution.

Bill of Indictment:

I.  Based on too numerous to list eyewitness accounts, audiotape accounts, video accounts, as well as expert testimony concerning the events that occurred in both New York City and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001, it has become painfully obvious that numerous elements within several organs of the US Government (to include the executive, legislative and judicial branches), and coming from, at the very least, the intelligence agencies/secret service, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and military services, are directly responsible for planning, coordinating, executing and covering up the attacks on and selective destruction of the WTC complex, the Pentagon and Flight #93 in collaboration with foreign governments/entities.

II.  Given the staggering proportions of this conspiracy, and especially the vast amount of evidence that was available to the naked eye and attentive ear throughout the execution of these innumerable flagrant criminal acts, it has become quite apparent that many international and national media/news organizations colluded with the highest levels of this treacherous cabal.  Likewise, the extensive commentary dispensed by the many think tanks, PACs, political parties, academic institutions, research organizations, various foundations, etc. in the aftermath of these orchestrated events has clearly revealed their varying degrees of culpability which can only be accurately assessed as the guilty step forward and whistleblowers file their reports. Furthermore, it has become transparent from the extraordinary sophistication, technical requirements and timing intricacies of these crimes, that there are those titans among Corporate America who were, by necessity, involved directly, as well as those which were involved on a peripheral basis.

III.  The explicit intentions and deliberate actions referred to herein constitute the basis for the most serious crimes of high treason, premeditated murder and carefully calculated acts of terrorism committed against US and foreign citizens working on US soil on 9/11/01.  It has been recognized that these heinous crimes were surreptitiously carried out in a highly compartmentalized operation, as well as on a strictly need-to-know basis, in which many of the perpetrators were completely unaware of their handlers, accomplices, financiers, logistical supporters, top decision-makers, etc.  In light of such a complex and convoluted scheme, conceived to give justification to a declared “War On Terror”, it will be necessary to rely heavily on the volumes of circumstantial evidence which will certainly convict all involved, from the US President and Vice President down to those anonymous murderers who placed the many explosives in the WTC1, 2 & 7 for their controlled demolition.

The skeleton of this citizens’ indictment is currently being fleshed out by legal scholars and practicing attorneys in the realm of International Criminal Law from around the world.  If you are a practicing attorney or legal researcher, and would be inclined to contribute to this critical endeavor, please feel free to contact us at the email below.

Likewise, we sincerely invite anyone who has evidence of any type regarding these staged 9/11 attacks in NYC, Washington, DC or Pennsylvania to contact us at the same email.  All inquiries and submissions will be treated with the strictest confidentiality, understanding that the current realities of the Homeland Security regime and powers granted by the Patriot Act preclude any form of privacy regarding all digital correspondence and communications conveyed over the internet.

— SOTN 9/11 Investigation Team

The many posts listed below represent only a fraction of 9/11 articles posted by SOTN over the years.  However, many of these do contain content — READ HARD EVIDENCE & CONCLUSIVE PROFF — that is as radioactive as it is incriminating.

Recent Posts

Please distribute these articles to all skeptics as the evidence of an INSIDE JOB is now absolutely certain and overwhelming to the extreme.

State of the Nation
September 11, 2023

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