The Direct Relationship Between Electrification and Pandemics

Magnetobiology: 60 GHz and Oxygen Deprivation

Excerpt from transcript of this Dr. Thomas Cowan VIDEO

Starts at 03:19 mins

In every pandemic in the last 150 years there was a quantum leap in the electrification of the earth.

In late fall of 1917, there was the introduction of radio waves around the world. Whenever you expose any biological system to a new electromagnetic field you poison it, you kill some, and the rest go into a kind of suspended animation so that interestingly they live a little bit longer and sicker.

Then starts in WWII the next pandemic with the introduction of radar equipment all over the earth, blanketing the entire earth in radar fields. First time humans have ever been exposed to that.

In 1968 there was the Hong Kong flu and it was the first time the earth has a protective layer in the Van Allen belt, which essentially integrates the cosmic fields from the Sun and Earth, from the Moon and Jupiter etc., integrates that and essentially distributes that to the living beings of the earth. We put satellites emitting radioactive frequencies throughout the Van Allen belt. Within six months we had a new viral pandemic. Why viral? Because the people are poisoned, they excrete toxins. They look like viruses so people think it’s a flu epidemic.

Excerpt from the book:  ‘Magnetobiology’, Underlying Physical Problems. Effects of electromagnetic fields on living organisms

Oxygen the atom is O. Oxygen the molecule is 02. Two atoms together.

These two atoms forming the oxygen molecule share some electrons. 60 GHz causes electrons surrounding oxygen molecules to spin, akin to how high-powered microwaves running on 2.4 impact molecules in food such as water. They’re heating, in part, by causing those molecules to rotate or oscillate with each wave. The movement energy from the rotation of these super tiny water molecules helps heat the rest of the food.

In a similar way that 2.4 causes H20 to oscillate, 60 GHz even at low power causes electrons on oxygen molecules to spin; changes to the spin frequencies on oxygen electrons impact human biology.

When you breathe air into your lungs it gets oxygen into your blood, brain, tissues etc. and oxygen entering your lungs gets picked up by a very important iron containing protein called hemoglobin in your blood.

The impact of oxygen molecules spinning the electrons is that it makes the hemoglobin unable to uptake the oxygen and get it to the rest of your body.


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