Manmade Coronavirus Pandemic: The Hidden Agenda(s)


A Scheme for Implanting the “Mark of the Beast”?

New Interview on the Power Of Prophecy Podcast


Patrick J. McShay’s new interview with Jerry Barrett on‘s Power Of Prophecy Podcast.

In this interview Jerry and Pat discuss the Coronavirus agenda, Bill Gates involvement, and his long association with Doctor’s Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx. They also discuss Bill Gates medical police state agenda to Mandate vaccines and digitally track Americans using a “Mark of the Beast” like chip that will be injected into their system, and how they are using the media to inculcate fear in the populace to make them more accepting of their new police state, their loss of liberties and their God-given inalienable rights.

They also discuss recent revelations from Celeste Solum, a  20 year FEMA and Homeland Security Officer turned whistleblower to discuss the coming monetary reset and strategic planning after 911 and where this global agenda is likely to take us in the coming  months and years.

If you have a suspicion that we aren’t being told the whole truth about this virus, the lockdown, and the seemingly intentional destruction of our economy you’re not alone.

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Hear Pat’s first interview on the “Power Of Prophecy” Podcast here:

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