OPERATION COVID-19: Trump Has Only One Way Out After Deep State Stages Pandemic to Corner Him


Dear Mr. President,

Most of us know this coronavirus pandemic was staged by Deep State and the Democrat Party.

That it isn’t just the American Deep State, but primarily the British Deep State that conceived and launched OPERATION COVID-19.  Perhaps the Chinese Deep State is also involved.

We also know the ongoing global panic is being orchestrated by their countless accomplices within the Mainstream Media, Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation and other globalist institutions.

The entire UN crowd pushing the climate change hoax, while quietly implementing Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, is also colluding to collapse the world economy.

Who is not aware that this was only sure way for the same coup plotters to sabotage your re-election—to wreck and ruin the U.S. economy before Election Day?

This is, after all, the main metric by which even you judge your presidency.

Now what?

Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Bill Gates, George Soros, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Hillary Clinton et al. are leading this international criminal conspiracy to destroy the United States of America.

Some of these co-conspirators have even emphasized the necessity for an 18-month lockdown!

This is a totally crazy yet purposefully planned reaction, as only hardcore New World Order globalists would ever hard-sell.

However, such a harebrained scheme can only signal the final end of the Trump era.

Not only has the U.S. economy already crashed and burned, whole sectors will never recover—EVER!

If allowed to continue, this especially means the victory of globalism over nationalism on a scale never seen before.

This potential outcome, alone, proves that this plandemic was on the drawing board for decades.  The evidence of the prior planning of OPERATION COVID-19 is simply overwhelming at this point and, therefore, the grounds for swift criminal prosecutions is solid.

Now what?

You said it yourself, President Trump, you are facing the most consequential decision of your presidency and your life.

What’s at take is not only your legacy and the future of this nation, but the destiny of the entire world community of nations.

At this very moment the fate of the American people lies in your hands as no other POTUS in history has experienced.

However, if ever there was a sterling opportunity to drain the swamp, surely you know this is it.

Just look at what these foreign agents and domestic operatives of Deep State have done to US and the world-at-large.  We’re talking about numerous bad actors, each of whom has proven to be a real menace to society.

Consider the crimes they have already perpetrated against the all of humanity.  Then consider the endless series of crime sprees the globalists will commit as long as COVID-19 is on the loose.

We’re dealing with characters that are completely devoid of conscience.

Now what?

You had better go get them and round them all up before they steal the election on November 3rd.

However, even before they do that, they will have 7 months to put the final nails in the coffin of the American Republic.

Not only will the complete breakdown of the American economy advance their NWO goals toward socialism, it will enable a globalist power grab by the communist elements in the Democrat Party.

This nation will then quickly morph into the USSA where “A” stands for Amerika.

Which means that the window of opportunity to drive a stake into the heart of globalism is closing very fast.

Once it closes without the necessary presidential action, history will look at 2020 as the last year of American Experiment.  The globalists will be sure to blow up the laboratory with finality.

NOW WHAT ? ! ? !

There is only one way forward, Mr. President.

The Patriot Movement stands firmly behind you.

The swamp must be drained as you, yourself, often stated.

Just look at what these swamp creatures have done to the planet!

And, if they will do this, what won’t they do?!?!

Hence, together we must seize the day.

It’s never been so urgent for a POTUS to act today… … …

or else there will be no tomorrow.

We sincerely pray that you will proceed in a courageous manner.

May God will bless you with divine discernment and the indomitable will to succeed.


Concerned Citizens of the USA




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