A conspiracy theory is not a “theory” when the conspiracy actually happened.

Conspiracy is not theory when its’s actually happening: ‘Uninformed Consent’ trailer

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Covid-19 inoculations: more harm than good

The Pfizer 6 month data shows that Pfizer’s covid-19 inoculations cause more illness than they prevent.

BREAKING: Pfizer’s own 6 month report data on its covid-19 inoculation shows greater illness and death in the inoculation arm than the placebo arm. Plus, poor trial design, missing data, underpowered studies, passive surveillance and more. For the PDF of this presentation visit:


FDA Data Showed 82% – 97% of Pregnant Women Injected with Pfizer C19 shot Lost Their Babies … Before Approving the Shots

Anne Reed of Operation Rescue reported last week that recently released documents from Pfizer that were submitted to the FDA prior to approving their COVID-19 vaccine in early 2021 showed that 82% – 97% of the documented pregnancy outcomes resulted in death in their post-marketing analysis.

This is more evidence that Pfizer and the FDA colluded together to conceal damaging data related to the roll out of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines.


Uninformed Consent – trailer

A cornerstone of modern medical treatment has been the ethical and legal right to informed consent yet government response globally to COVID-19 was absent of any real informed consent.

It is said that COVID-19 is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in human history. We have been massively deceived by our governments, medical associations, public health officers, the media, and international agencies.

Film Producer, Todd Harris of Matador Films, in collaboration with Vaccine Choice Canada is exposing this systemic manipulation and deceit with his new documentary entitled Uninformed Consent.

The film is an exposé into the COVID-19 narrative and how it is being used to erode our rights and freedoms, undermine our communities and families, and impose authoritative control. It tells the real life and sometimes tragic stories of imposing an experimental genetic treatment upon unwilling and unsuspecting citizens. It’s important these stories be told so we can understand how we have been coerced and, more importantly, how to avoid this ever happening again.

You can support this effort of shining the light of truth upon the COVID catastrophe by becoming a sponsor of this ground-breaking documentary.

With a minimum donation of $100, your name or that of a loved one (in honour or in memory) will be listed in the credits of this film. For a minimum donation of $250.00, businesses and organizations will have their logo displayed. Sponsors will also receive a link to view the documentary for a private online viewing.

We invite you to use this opportunity to educate your family and friends.

Your donation enables Vaccine Choice Canada to accomplish our mission to empower families to make informed, voluntary decisions about their immunity, to defend our right to medical choice, and to protect a parent’s right and responsibility to make medical decisions for their children.

To sponsor ‘Uninformed Consent’ documentary

To become a documentary sponsor please follow the steps listed below. Sponsorship contributions must be made before June 30th, 2022 in order to be listed in the credits of the film.

1.     Make your donation on our website at:
https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/donation/ and select General Donation.

2.     Email Wendy, the Administrative Assistant of Vaccine Choice Canada at wendy@vaccinechoicecanada.com with the specifics as to how you would like your sponsorship credit to appear at the end of film. In the email reference write: Film Sponsorship Information.

In the body of your email indicate how you would like your credit to appear.
a. First and Last Name

b. First Name and Last Name Initial only
c. In Honour of “The Person’s Name”
d. In Memory of “The Person’s Name”

3.     If you are an organization, send a high quality rendering of your logo to Wendy at wendy@vaccinechoicecanada.com

Take your children out of school – not only in America

Dr. McDonald is a respected psychiatrist who has been working intimately with kids and adults in California.

Dr. McDonald is a daily witness to the harm being done by all the new social ideologies that are rapidly infiltrating our educational curriculums. He pulls no punches when describing the disturbing decline in his patients ability to navigate reality and relationships. Of the 40 plus interviews I’ve conducted this year alone, this one has helped me to better navigate this crazy moment in history.

If you find Dr. McDonald’s insights valuable, please share this interview with anyone who might benefit from his rare wisdom.

Fear is the virus, truth is the cure

Plant seeds of higher awareness to help others wake up.

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