Only a narcissistic sociopathic intel agent would be so brazen as to commit the same crime twice IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!!!

‘This could spur another lawsuit’: Legal experts reveal Johnny Depp could take ex-wife Amber Heard to court for ‘republishing’ her abuse allegations against him in Today interview

  • During the interview, the actress, 36, called the verdict in her defamation trial against Depp ‘unfair’ and insisted she is going to ‘stand by her testimony’
  • She doubled down on allegations that Depp, 59, was physically violent towards her, and accused him of ‘lying’ on the stand when he said he ‘never hit her’
  • Entertainment lawyer Nicole Haff has revealed exclusively to how Heard’s statements could backfire on her – and result in her getting sued again
  • ‘This interview could count as a new “publication” under the law, which could spur a third lawsuit,’ the attorney explained
  • According to, ‘Someone who repeats or republishes defamation will be subject to the same liability as the original defamatory material’
  • The explosive interview comes less than two weeks after Heard was found guilty of defaming her ex by claiming that he abused her during their marriage 




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