The shot that needs to be stopped around the world

ALARMING report June 06-14.22 covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths in Canada

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The shot that needs to be stopped around the world

Start video around 02:44 mins.

I was unable to find a link to the actual Epoch Times report nor could I find it published elsewhere. This may be b/c it was just released July 12.22.

Inform everyone

Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths the week of June 06-14, 2022 in Canada.

03:47 mins Dr. Ardis
93% or 485 of 521 total deaths were considered fully vaccinated.
7% of the total were not vaccinated.

50% of the 93% were quadruple jabbed = 4 shots
41% of the 90% were triple jabbed =3 shots

The number of shots is actually increasing the risk of death when following those exact numbers.

If you look at the actual cases for covid, for those hospitalized across Canada the same week, I just need to re-confirm for Canada.

“Do not trust these shots. They are not providing effective protection of any kind against covid.”

Obviously b/c the % of those not vaccinated is less than 10% of all those cases, hospitalized or dying. The other 90% of all cases are those who are vaccinated, triple vaccinated, quadrupled.

So, for hospitalizations there were 1,041 cases. Of those 1,041 hospitalized, 938 or 90% of them were vaccinated.

Of that, 74% of the 90% hospitalized were quadruple jabbed. That means they got 4 covid-19 shots and they ended up in the hospital.

“Get the shot, get covid.” Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

06:00 mins Dr. Ardis shares personal experience with his 90-year-old mother-in-law in a living assisted facility who got 4 shots. Within 1 week she tested positive for covid-19, and was quarantined for a week without support from staff. His personal experience confirms data coming out of Canada the week of June 06-14, 2022.

Laura Lynn: That is stunning actually. You kinda wonder if the shots don’t actually induce covid somehow b/c this is such a common story. Get the shot, get covid.

Dr. Ardis: If you kinda wonder why this is occurring, remember they’re using PCR tests and antigen tests to determine if someone is positive for covid. It’s either PCR, antigen, and they’ve giving you these shots.

They are either doing 1 of 2 things.

They are either putting what the PCR and antigen test define as a positive test or an assay, whatever it is they are looking for, they’re putting into you with these shots.


The shots themselves are damaging the immune system, and not allowing you to remove successfully or very quickly, anything in the future you’re being exposed to that then will be diagnosed positive as covid.

There are 2 philosophies here. One is by Dr. Luc Montagnier. He said a few months ago before he passed [died], and testified before parliament that these m-rna shots are actually destroying the immune system, and they will continue to allow the people in the future to be exposed and actually receive mutated versions of the virus. It will not help them avoid future infections. It’s only going to hurt them by destroying the immune system.

Dr. Ardis discusses different views between Dr. Montagnier and Dr. Erick Enby.

Nobel prize recipient Luc Montagnier claims people who have received the mRNA jabs will get sick due to a damaged immune system.

Dr. Erik Enby from Sweden opposes any notion that people will die within a few years due to the jabs. Dr. Enby who has a microbial perspective says if the body can cope with the onslaught of microbes the person will survive.

Dr. Ardis elaborates on Dr. Enby’s findings and associated risks.

Nicotine instead of covid vaccine

17:30 mins Weaponized venom and nicotine. To this day, smokers still represent 2% or less of all hospital patients world-wide with covid 19. The protective nature of nicotine against covid is discussed in a new documentary ‘Covenom 2019’ below.

30:00 mins Find out why and how Americans were experimented on with venom, how it is being weaponized and how to protect yourself and loved ones.

37:37 mins Fall 2022 covid-19 resurgence by the vaxxed not the unvaxxed.


A compelling documentary with Dr. Bryan Ardis. They can’t hide this any longer some Covid-19 patients have deadly venom in them. 36 different shellfish toxins and snake venom are showing up in Covid-19 patients. How did this end up in their blood, feces, or urine? They’ve targeted people with toxins for decades. Why wouldn’t it be the case now? Some experts think this so-called respiratory disease is actually an envenomation from what they call a vaccine but it is actually gene editing therapy. Coincidence? You be the judge of that. This broadcast is brought to you by Steve & Jana Ben-Nun with the permission of Dr, Bryan Ardis to allow for it to be translated into foreign languages to spread the truth globally.

Casket manufacturer reports unprecedented orders of child-size coffins

Thanks Judy – July 12, 2022

A Toronto-based casket manufacturer has taken to Twitter to report historically high child casket sales by the company he works for.

Fauci said vaccines do not stop the spread of COVID-19

July 13.22

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on Neil Cavuto’s Fox News Channel Your World show and said the COVID-19  vaccines do not work “overly well” against infection of the virus.


Hanna Arendt described how totalitarian regimes take total power over individuals by showering them with contradictory information until they have no way of knowing where the truth lies.

History repeats, until a critical mass of people become more aware and pull together to change it for the better.


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