ITS SHOWTIME! The Deep State’s Masks Have Fallen Off. Do you like what you SEE???

Yes, this seems to be Trump and the White Hat’s M.O.: First EDUCATE the MASSES and help them to WAKE UP, then take Action.

Are YOU Awake? Is everyone you know AWAKE??? The round up of the Deep State won’t happen UNTIL the MASSES are AWAKE!!!

ITS SHOWTIME! The Deep State’s Masks Have Fallen Off. Do you like what you SEE???

We are witnessing the deep state do a big reveal, the masks are coming off.

Normies and sheeple have no choice but to see, live, on the air, and also in person, who the deep state is.

Everyday people are waking up, including law enforcement.

So lets ask our own selves a question: If this is how the demoncraps, leftest and RINOS operate when they don’t have power, how bad would it be if they did have power?

Where you live, would you even be free or in a camp surrounded by razor wire and search towers? Not a rhetorical question.

THINK ABOUT IT: Thousands of murderers and rapist are set loose and Soro’s groups are suing to free 500 more all the while mothers and dads are beaten and thrown into jail, in their place.

So go ahead and vote demoncrap and RINO. Again!

Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth.


It’s time to wake up.


The Demoncrap Response to Emergency:

1. Close churches/Gun stores.

2. Keep abortion clinics open.

3. Keep all Government Employees on full salary.

4. Close all Small Businesses, driving them into bankruptcy but keep Large Corporate Businesses Open.

5. Ban driving, outdoor exercise and walking on the beach.

6. Release felons.

7. Lock up citizens.

8. Subsidize illegal aliens.

9. Ban life-saving drugs.

10. Buy PPE from China

11. Fund the Kennedy Center, and give Congress a raise in pay.

12. Push through Unpopular State Legislation during lockdowns like: Mandatory Vaccines, Legalized Abortion of Fully Born Babies, and Ban Guns.

13. Block Investigation of China re: Wuhan Flu Origination.

14. Investigate Trump – Again

Helicopters are Patrolling the Beach in Huntington Beach CA (Orange County) — Ordering People to Go Indoors

San Diego: police giving citations to people in their cars watching sunset at beach

ACLU filed class-action suit against Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes to free 500 inmates frm county’s jails. The lawsuit claims inmates are vulnerable to contracting Corona. TOO EFFEN BAD!

MUST WATCH!!! California Police STAND DOWN After Marine Vet Challenges Their Integrity!!!!

CA Sacramento Bee Newspaper (not Babylon Bee) declares government has Constitution right to take away your Constitutional rights.

Illinois freed 4,000 inmates, including murderers and sex offenders due to coronavirus concerns, but will arrest you if you are not wearing a mask.

Is that a threat from Chicago Mayor?

“If We Need to We Will Arrest You and We Will Take You to Jail” – Chicago Commie Mayor Outlaws Parties Under Her Watch

Chicago Residents Tear Down Fences To Get Into Locked Down City Parks

What the hell is going on in the streets of NYC ??!!

NYC Scanner: IS THIS #NYPD BRUTALITY OR NOT? We report, you decide. This happened on Ave D and 9th St, in the LowerEastSide of #Manhattan on Saturday

A 4th Whistle Blower of Wholesale MURDER Going on in NYC Hospitals!

We need more brave Law enforcement like these two….

Two Arizona County Sheriffs Vow to Not Enforce Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order, Say It Would Be a Violation of Their Oath

Demoncraps are DESTROYING Small Businesses, which is the Back Bone of the Middle Class, WHILE Everyone continues to get paid within the Government and Big Business!!! This is about DESTROYING THE MIDDLE CLASS! Wake UP!!!

It was Gen George Washington who said, “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

It’s time for America’s business owners to fight back versus a tyrannical government. Some might call that a revolution.

Is It Time for a Revolution?

The third wave of the left’s attempted destruction of America

Virginia Gov. Northam signs host of gun control bills into law during lockdowns, months after Richmond Protest rally

Va. Governor Ralph Northam ‘Proud’ to Sign Bill Into Law Making Abortion of Full Born Babies Easier in State

Yes, Virginia’s Governor Has Made It a Crime for More Than 10 People to Attend a Church Service

Exclusive– Congressman: Nancy Pelosi Blocking Investigation into Chinese Coronavirus Origins, Tax Money to Wuhan Lab

Why would Pelosi [D] block origination-source [roll-out] investigation of COVID-19 in [China]?

Prevent public exposure of truth?

Ask yourself, why?



The Demoncrap Party = Communist China = Lame Stream Media = The Demoncrap Party

Nancy Piglosi is Lawyering Up!!!!

They are using the lock down situation to push through laws that people would normally protest about.

Its all a bit too convenient. This lockdown is NOT about your health, it is about pushing the New World Order Agenda upon you whether you like it or not. And because YOU are too worried about getting this “Seasonal Flu”, you won’t DO a damn thing about losing, more and more of your rights. WAKE UP!!!!!

Bill sneaking through Congress would ban all consumer encryption

Maine – Gov. Janet Mills signs bill ending religious and personal exemptions for vaccinations

“Nobel Prize-winning scientist shares COVID-19 data showing strict lockdowns were an overreaction” POS news media LIED!

Communist Takeover – Kansas City Orders Churches To Turn Over Membership Roles

‘Go Buy Guns First’: John McAfee Warns Governments ‘Are Deceiving You’ About the Chi-Com Virus

When you trade liberty for security, you end up losing both.


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