Here’s the INSANE Democrat response to the COVID-19 pandemic!

The Demoncrap Response to this Emergency:

1. Close churches/Gun stores.

2. Keep abortion clinics open.

3. Keep all Government Employees on full salary.

4. Close all Small Businesses, driving them into bankruptcy but keep Large Corporate Businesses Open.

5. Ban driving, outdoor exercise and walking on the beach.

6. Release felons.

7. Lock up citizens.

8. Subsidize illegal aliens.

9. Ban life-saving drugs.

10. Buy PPE from China

11. Fund the Kennedy Center, and give Congress a raise in pay.

12. Push through Unpopular State Legislation during lockdowns like: Mandatory Vaccines, Legalized Abortion of Fully Born Babies, and Ban Guns.

13. Block Investigation of China re: Wuhan Flu Origination.

14. Investigate Trump – Again


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