The Proverbial Fan Is About To Get VERY Dirty!

St. George, Utah
September 27, 2022

by Rich Scheck

Everyone is familiar with the phrase: “When the shit hits the fan!” Well that’s what happened today when 4 regions of “Ukraine” voted in favor of joining with Russia and then the Nord Stream pipelines to Europe were destroyed.

That is a powerful mix for outright war between Russia and the West (NATO/US). Every day the escalation in rhetoric is increased along with actions that portend full scale confrontation between two nuclear armed super powers rather than diplomacy.

Considering how vulnerable Europe is to the threat of a cold winter, one would think sanity would prevail and the call for peace talks would be loud and clear.

Instead we get a suspicious closing of three pipe lines that may be the result of sabotage along with a vote that comes close to finalizing Putin’s goal of protecting the Russian speaking areas of Ukraine.

Both Biden and Nuland appear to have promised months ago that Nord Stream would be
closed if Ukraine was attacked………and now it is!

One plausible theory is that Russia did it as a false flag so it can blame the West and make sure Europe freezes this winter! (Kinda their version of 9/11!?!)

And for those who understandably think Russia would never detonate nukes in Europe, the smart money has them avoiding that move since the radiation would blow back on them and instead going for the jugular by attacking the US first!

Danger signals are flashing brighter than ever and those fans are likely to get filled with the excrement of war in the near future.

It’s a tragic situation that only seems to be getting worse. The world has literally gone mad and the consequences will be felt by all.


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