Bipartisan Support For Ukraine Keeps US In Downward Drift Towards Destruction

St. George, Utah
September 26, 2022

by Rich Scheck

For those doubting we only have one political party with two wings, the continuing bipartisan support for Ukraine in its war with Russia leaves little room to deny it.

Led by the likes of Congressman Schiff, the Democratic Party is as virulently pro-war as the Neocons in the Republican Party like President GW Bush, Linday Graham, the late John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, Tom Cotton and to a large extent, Donald Trump.

Perhaps the US only political figure alive today advocating vociferously for peace is Tulsi Gabbard, a Sanders “liberal” with active duty experience in Iraq.

With our Treasury exhausted by decades of imperial over-reach and generous social spending, members of both parties willingly keep sending cash and weapons to Ukraine despite its links to WWII Nazi ideology and the unrelenting provocations of the Russians.

With Europe reeling from economic hardship triggered by the brutal sanctions against cheap energy from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and now faced with the perils of a cold winter, the lack of anyone of political substance calling for peace in a war that should never have been started is beyond negligent.

Our Congress lacks the willingness to do its Constitutional duty and actually declare war. Instead it hides behind the rhetoric of the Biden Administration, allowing the executive branch to dictate policy to keep the ammo flowing to the cannon fodder on the battlefield in a proxy war.

The Russians, duly outraged by the Maidan coup in 2014, the violations of the Minsk Accords over the last 7 years and the failure of the West to take its security claims seriously even after the February 24th invasion, have mobilized its reserve forces and may actually declare war against NATO by week’s end.

For those distracted by the lawfare cases against Trump and his minions; the demonization of the MAGA Patriots as domestic terrorists; the vapid claims of the environmentalists about climate change; the entire Transhumanist agenda of the woke Left or even Tom Brady’s troubled marriage, the days ahead are sure to be filled with lots of shocks beyond just the crash of the stock and bond markets.

We are about to see the American Empire burn in ways uglier than the riots of 2020 or other examples of social unrest that are sweeping the planet in reaction to a globalist agenda being dictated by the Davos Demons of Klaus Schwab and his many Young Globalist Leaders like Trudeau, Newsom, Merkel, and now UK Prime Minister Truss.

Despite the apparent good news for those who deplore the excesses of the radical Biden agenda, even a “crushing sweep” in the midterm elections in 6 weeks will not likely see an immediate shift in this bipartisan interventionist war strategy in pursuit of Pax Americana that has dominated the thinking in Washington.

That may have been what just happened in Italy with the big win by “far right” candidate Meloni whose appeal to the Italian version of MAGA may have been a big con to the extent she’s in bed with the arm’s industry that backs the war in Ukraine.

Until the populist right embraces the peace and prosperity agenda that the populist Left of the anti-Viet Nam War era had, an election victory that includes war mongers will keep the US stuck in its downward drift towards destruction.

Sadly, like drunks, drug users and other addicts, the West needs to hit bottom so it can wake from this nightmare of decadence, delusion and misguided hubris in order for our progeny to have any hopes for the future.


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