CROWNgate: Fauci, Gates, Soros & Co-Conspirators are acting as British agents perpetrating a classic…


The excellent comment below, which was posted under the article titled: “Armed Militia Helps Reopen Michigan Barbershop”, explains the time-tested CROWN strategy of this manufactured 2020 Plandemic.

We are not UK OR CHINESE SERFS…We HAVE A BILL OF RIGHTS! Its time for WE, THE PEOPLE to make money like those that sued big tobacco! 

Bill Gates, Rockefeller foundation, big tech and big banks a.k.a BIG PIZZA are medical pandemic racketeers! They  promoted lockdowns using their public profile and status to scare governments into destroying livelihoods and suspending the fundamental right to assembly over another strain of the flu…They are all going to spend a life time fighting civil liability lawsuits over this!   Only Gun groups have sued and won in court!


In medieval Europe, a King or a Duke seeking to  subjugate the serfs on his land, will toss a plague ridden corpse into a village and then order the serfs not to work their farms or fields or assemble, under duress, locking them down, because of an outbreak of a plague ‘pandemic’ in their village! The plague infects the LOCKED DOWN serfs, most die, the village is then burnt to the ground and the lands taken over by the King or Duke. The surviving serf loses whatever little means of income he has and further goes into debt to the CROWN! ‘PANDEMIC LOCKDOWN’ to cause economic depression and kill undesirables (old and the poor) is one of the oldest,  most frequently used CROWN rackets in history to steal land and labor from serfs for the estate of the CROWN.  

The founding fathers of the United States, damn well knew about this classic PLAGUE INDUCED LOCKDOWN CROWN RACKET TO SEIZE PROPERTY AND RIGHTS OF FREE MEN when they framed our Bill of Rights!

The right to a livelihood requires citizens to PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE, run farms or operate mills, without duress from draconian CROWN RULE. That is the reason why the first amendment cites the fundamental right to ‘assembly’ instead of the fundamental right to ‘assembly to protest’.

The fundamental right to protest is specifically guaranteed as the right to petition the government. The second amendment further guarantees the fundamental right to ARMED PROTEST as militias or an assembly of armed CITIZENS!

Fundamental right to assembly = Fundamental right to livelihood!  Know your rights CITIZEN!

The Right to Free Speech guarantees not only the right to protest speech but also to engage in a profession that involves publishing and distribution of speech such as newspapers, art, theater, movies even pornography. Similarly the Right to Assembly guarantees not only the right to assemble to protest but also to engage in any livelihood, business or profession that involves an assembly of citizens. There is no plague / pandemic exception to free speech or the right to assembly in the constitution. The intent and spirit of the BILL OF RIGHTS are explicitly clear!

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