The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset

Submitted by Harold Saive

The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset
By F. William Engdahl – 22 October 2022

Important to understand is that there is not one single new or original idea in Klaus Schwab’s so-called Great Reset agenda for the world. Nor is his Fourth Industrial Revolution agenda his or his claim to having invented the notion of Stakeholder Capitalism a product of Schwab.

Klaus Schwab is little more than a slick PR agent for a global technocratic agenda, a corporatist unity of corporate power with government, including the UN, an agenda whose origins go back to the beginning of the 1970s, and even earlier.

The Davos Great reset is merely an updated blueprint for a global dystopian dictatorship under UN control that has been decades in development. The key actors were David Rockefeller and his protégé, Maurice Strong.

Note: When Cities are awarded the moniker of inclusion in the “Strong Cities Network”, the attribution is in memorium to Maurice “Strong” and has less to do with the cities resilience to disaster or mass school shootings.

In the beginning of the 1970s, there was arguably no one person more influential in world politics than the late David Rockefeller, then largely known as chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank

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