Democrats Prepare To Run The 2020 Playbook Again

Submitted by Harold Saive

The Biden regime somehow knows that election results will be delayed in key states before the election is conducted!

Emerald Robinson – 11/7/22

Since the vast majority of polls indicate a “red wave” election, left-leaning corporate media outlets have coordinated their messaging in the last 24 hours and published almost identical versions of the same article: “prepare to wait for election results that could take many days.”

Notice the publication dates: almost all of them were published on November 7th. How did every left-leaning corporate media outlet in America manage to print the same story on the same day?

This behavior was last seen in 2020 — and we all know what happened next.

Why is it always the same battleground states that can’t count their ballots on time? Why is it always the same places that use electronic voting machines?

How would Democrat election officials already know that they could not quickly count votes in an election that hasn’t been conducted yet?

It doesn’t take days to get election results.

It takes days to cheat.

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