Rep. Kevin McCarthy Must Resign Or
Be Expeditiously Expelled From The
U.S. Congress … After He Is Properly
Evicted From The House Speaker’s
Office Which He Illicitly Occupies

SOTN Editor’s Note: What Rep. Kevin McCarthy recently pulled off by illicitly moving into the highly coveted House Speaker’s office is totally wrong. It’s unlawful.  It’s squarely against the House rules and regulations.  It’s downright illegal.  It’s patently unconstitutional.  It’s an unprecedented power play worthy of an immediate censure while he’s investigated for more serious crimes.  It was incredibly reckless and rude.  It was brazenly presumptuous.  And his tyrannical act clearly demands his immediate removal from the House of Representatives.  In short, the House membership absolutely should not be voting for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker; they should be voting post-haste to expel him from the congressional body—FOREVER!!!

READ HERE: Rep. Matt Gaetz wants ‘squatter’ Kevin McCarthy evicted from Speaker’s office amid GOP turmoil


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