Soros Open Society Foundations Bussing in AntiFa Terrorists and BLM Rioters into MPLS

Trump Blasts “Antifa, Radical Left” After Minneapolis Officials Blame “White Supremacist… Terror Cells” For Rioting, Looting

Update (1200ET): Perhaps confirming his reasoning for maintaining his Twitter feed (to counter the ‘fake news’ media), President Trump has tweeted in response to the blame-scaping occurring below:

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There is a delicate tightrope of a path to tread here as politicians, officials, media are forced to admit that these “protests” are now “riots” and while the death of George Flynn at the hands of an over-zealous cop to say the least was egregious, the rioting, looting, and shooting across the nation last night is hard for even the most ardent member of the ‘Resistance’ to defend.

So, what they need is a narrative-shifting bump, to get back to the “it’s racism and it’s Trump’s fault” narrative that Biden began yesterday.

And cue this morning’s Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota officials press conference this morning to set up the pretense…

First, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz summed-up the current chaos erupting nationwide perfectly:

“These are outsiders… This is absolutely no longer about George Floyd or addressing inequities anymore. This is an organized attack designed to destabilize civil society.”

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