Central Bank Digital Currency for Social Engineering. Enough Is Enough !

For decades, the Deep State – also known as the Surveillance State – has been watching everything you do and tearing down every constitutional barrier in its ability to do so.

The government knows how much money you make, and how you make it.

As Edward Snowden’s disclosures revealed, they track your every phone call.

They know whether you’ve taken the ill-tested, experimental Covid vaccines.

They know your energy bills, where you travel, and . . . your politics.

And as we’ve repeatedly noted, they want to implement a Central Bank Digital Currency – not only to destroy the last of your financial privacy, but to control what you can and cannot buy.

The globalists have been salivating at the notion of using a Central Bank Digital Currency for social engineering.

As one central banker put it: “You could think of giving your children pocket money but programming the money so that it couldn’t be used for sweets. There is a whole range of things that money could do, programmable money, which we cannot do with the current technology.”

In Communist China, they’ve made it official, instituting a “social credit score” to stamp out any dissent from the government’s policies.

It’s not in widespread use here – yet – but they’re building the infrastructure to make it all possible.

It’s the central thread of every major issue, from gun rights (universal gun registration) to vaccines passports; from the Central Bank Digital Currency to . . . the TSA.

When will we stand up and say, “Enough is enough!”?


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