“The (beginning of the) end of the Davos cult.

More Evidence To Support My Thesis That Davos Is A Fizzle

Morose Reuters Reporter: “Some Key Leaders With The Most Power To Change The World Are Absent,” Notably Joe Biden

Celia Farber

I wrote this earlier today, declaring the (beginning of the) end of the Davos cult.

I checked in on the Davos beat on Twitter and found this ashen, disconsolate Reuters reporter whose story is that the power players who have “showed up in the past” are all “missing” this year. Judging from her flat tone, and the text she is reading, she could be reporting on the upgraded equipment of a local dentist’s clinic.

She is about that excited.

Who wrote the text? If she wrote it, she gets an F in my imaginary journalism class!

That’s not a story.

Once upon a time, reporters were sent to these things (I used to be sent to AIDS conferences) and had to file a story. That means find one. If you don’t find one, pray for one. If you still don’t find one, don’t come home. (Definitely do not invent one—no.)

It was a profession that once based itself on story—the unusual, the shocking, the odd, the charming, the “human interest” or the what-have-you.

But this reporter’s report…is…funereal. With pretty snow in the background.

A) There is no story and B) the story is that there is no story.

Nobody’s really there.

Nobody who, according to Ms. Reuters, really matters.

And clearly, the fact that Joe Biden isn’t there is making them all bristle with irritation. That seems like what Ed Dowd would call “a tell.”

So at present, although I am aware I am prone to excessive optimism, I think I might be right: Davos is a massive dud, which bodes well for Team Human.


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