Now we see why the Khazarian Cabal is intentionally turning Ukraine into a lawless, dystopian, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Total chaos is needed for these heinous crime against humanity to be legalized!

BCP: Will Ukraine legalize the production 
of motherless artificial babies?


There have been criminal attempts to produce human beings in an artificial womb. The mother is no longer needed in this process. This shocking experiment, called ectogenesis, results in the degradation of human nature. This technology overrides the natural law of the transmission of human life given by the Creator Himself. The legal, ethical and moral principles prevent the full development of the criminal production of children.

Catechism (CCC) Art. 2274: “The embryo must be treated from conception as a person.”

CCC Art. 2275: “Certain attempts to influence chromosomic or genetic inheritance … are contrary to the personal dignity of the human being and his integrity and identity which are unique and unrepeatable.”

By contrast, the human product of these experiments has no legislative claim to human rights. In the case of so-called ectogenesis, this is a misuse of science. The powerful of this world have included this technology in their “golden billion” evil agenda. This agenda breaks all moral and ethical barriers. They also use legislation for their genocidal goal.

The artificial womb legislation opens the door to the worst crimes against humanity. Experiments on people were already carried out by fascists in concentration camps. The Nuremberg Trial identified these experiments as the most serious crimes, i.e. crimes against humanity. They were committed especially by the criminal doctor Mengele. Modern science in the hands of inhumane people without conscience is being misused to destroy the planet’s population.

What an absurdity it is to promote and implement laws for the mass killing of unborn children, even including the ninth month of pregnancy, and at the same time claim that the demographic crisis will be solved by so-called ectogenesis. Criminal experiments with an artificial womb violating human nature call down a spiritual curse. This curse causes loss of conscience and humanity and leads to mass genocide of mankind.

To what purpose should the products of so-called ectogenesis be used? Certainly not for the well-being of children and future generations. After all, man has not only a material side, but also a mental one, and his deepest essence is spiritual. The human being is to be treated as a person from the moment of conception. Abortion at the moment of conception is therefore qualified as murder of an unborn child (CCC 2272). At the moment of conception, God intervenes in matter and endows it with spirit. Man is therefore a spiritual being. Ectogenic interventions are a clear rebellion against God the Creator.

What impact can ectogenic unnatural manipulation have on a person’s spiritual world?

It leads to the emergence of various demonic species that outwardly look like human beings. Transhumanism falsely calls them homodeus, but in reality they are homodemonus. The elites consecrated to Satan need the absolute mediums of the spirit of evil, and these products of ectogenesis are to become ones. This is a purposeful process of satanizing human nature, and thus humanity.

The goal of the NWO architects is a hell on earth and especially hell for everyone after their earthly lives are finished. This is a very serious matter from a spiritual point of view.

With the draft law on ectogenesis, Ukraine is opening the door to its autogenocide. The law envisages the introduction of changes to the Family Code of Ukraine and the Civil Code of Ukraine (Article 281) by adding Part 8, which reads:

“Embryo development and gestation of human foetuses using the method of ectogenesis (in an artificial environment outside the human body) is permitted according to the provisions of the central executive body, which ensures the creation of state policy in the field of health care.”

1. This law enters into force ten days after its publication.
2. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will bring its normative-legal acts into compliance with this law within six months from the date of entry into force of the law.
Implementation of the law does not require financial costs from the state budget of Ukraine.
The Bill was introduced by the MP of Ukraine O. A. Danutsa on 26 December 2022 and was accepted (not rejected!) by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine R. Stefanchuk.

As the saying goes in Ukraine, “Destroy the mother, destroy the nation!” The law on so-called ectogenesis, however, is about something far worse! It brings down a curse on all of Ukraine! The Ukrainian nation, except for a few treacherous parliamentarians, wants to have nothing to do with this rebellion against God the Creator and rebellion against the nation and humanity!

However, if not only Ukraine – but all of humanity – does not take a radical stand against this crime, the process of autogenocide will continue and will reach a stage where it will no longer be possible to stop it.

Let us remind ourselves of how fast the process of corrupting and destroying the child and the family is progressing at the international level.

1) The killing of unborn children was approved by law in the past.
2) Gender laws today legalize the lie about a man not being a man and a woman not being a woman. This madness is forced upon children as well.
3) The evil juvenile justice system steals children from their loving parents, and the public accepts it as it has accepted the killing of the unborn and gender madness. This makes the society complicit in the crime.
4) The Istanbul Convention contains the legalization of gender ideology as well as of the machinery of child stealing by a body called GREVIO. The public accepts it too!
5) Corrupt projects, such as Beijing’s Childhood 2030 project, separate children from their parents and other people and children will have a chip implanted in their brains. These are gross crimes against children. The society is silent on it.
6) The laws on gender reassignment of children, somewhere from the age of twelve, state that this monstrosity can be committed regardless of parental disapproval. Legal approval is now being considered from the age of six. It is about legalizing drastic crimes against defenceless children! Humanity accepts this atrocity, thus going against itself.
7) Laws on mandatory and fatally dangerous vaccination of children in some countries also applied to the experimental mRNA vaccine supposedly against Covid. This mRNA vaccine is actually a genetic serum. The consequences are unpredictable. The genetic serum changes the human genome, and it also contains nanoparticles, so it is also a form of chipping. These are also crimes against people and children. This evil dictatorship must be opposed while there is still time!

8) The corrupt law of using an artificial womb called ectogenesis leads to the degradation of human nature and the production of transhuman beings. Will humanity remain silent about this crime? Here we are already on the verge of irreversible changes, resulting in the total elimination of human nature and humanity itself.

If humanity continues to remain silent, all humans will be complicit in these crimes.

What can each person do?
It is still possible to demonstrate heroic resistance to the criminal machinery of death hiding behind the legislative frauds that enable the devastation of children and human nature. Heroic resistance is connected with true love for man and love for God. Jesus says: “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (Jn 15:13) Defending children today means defending their God-given right to natural development in the mother’s womb as well as their right to birth and to loving maternal care.

What can every sincere Christian do?

Engage in spiritual mobilization, that is, in prayer watches. You will thus join the fight against demonic forces, whose servants are wicked people preparing the genocide of humanity. Each of the prayer watch members covers one hour during the day. This creates continuous prayer. There is one hour set aside, namely from 8 to 9pm, when all of the members pray. Pray at this time daily. You pray your prayer watch for one week and then you have three weeks off because the other three groups of prayer watches pray. To begin with, let everyone choose an hour that suits them best.

Start today and do not wait for others! It is a spiritual battle with demonic forces (Eph 6:10f). Let all nations join in the prayer fight, but above all the whole of Ukraine! God will give victory over both spiritual and incarnate demons.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                      + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

11 January 2023

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