Suffering and Karma, both Personal and National


In daily life we rarely consider that our bodies and the natural
world including the stars and planets may be made by a superior
intelligence albeit an invisible one called by a great many names across
the earth.

We readily accept that a human intelligence designed and made
the car. We readily accept that all human made items come with rules or
laws….one must fill the radiator so the engine does not over heat.

Failure to do so will cause us to “suffer” a seized engine. In that
light the Grand Creator has built rules into its creation.One of the big
ones is that what we humans think secretly in our heads,say out loud with
our mouths and do with our arms are legs will eventually come back to us
just like a boomerang.

That rigid law (vengeance is mine sayeth the lord) which
assures perfect justice has many names, the law of sowing and reaping,
the law of consequence, the law of cause and effect, the law of Karma.
(perhaps put those words into a search engine) or do a deep dive by
reading from page 147 in Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception by Max
Heindel a free PDF.

The word Lord is synonymous the the word law and the word
vengeance means to return, to get even. Rebirth and past lives are also a
hidden law and so it follows that if I caused harm by inventing destructive
items in my head, distorting truth with my mouth and harming nature,
animals and people with my arms and legs, then true or heavenly justice
will arrange for my nasty behaviour to return to me in another life. That is
fair isn’t it?

Thus meeting our past life self is the primary cause of our
human suffering. Adam had to work for the first time ever and Eve had to
suffer during birth for the first time ever after they both chose to ignore
the Creator’s one rule. Our pains get worse when we continue to willingly
ignore the Grand Creator’s rules.

When the English forced their wants on the East Indians by using
superior weapons that action was recorded in the Heavens and so
sooner or later the suffering caused to others by the British will return to
them. Is that happening now?

What of America, that has bombed its way across the world
inflicting destruction and hurt, will it be able to avoid Divine Justice, is that
what is happening now? The idea of repentance is to see the error of
one’s ways and then to intentionally begin to change them into the good,
tough mind work indeed. Should we think about the God’s Golden RULE

We either do that or suffer more. That implies that on a daily
basis we could set aside some time from screen gazing etc to review our
day, “ was I nice or nasty today? Did I invest in weapons, or drugs, yell at
my kids?” When we think ONLY of own own welfare (pleasure) and
ignore the welfare of all OTHER living beings, e.g. soil, air, water, plants,
animals and humans, culturally we call that condition sinning, selfishness,
egoism, egotism, self love etc.

When we freely choose to include the welfare of others in our
minds then human culture names that that condition selflessness or pure
love. We are all free to choose between the good (upliftment) and evil
(harm or destruction). Every choice comes with a consequence which
under the law of return assures that true justice will be done, eventually.

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