Know Your Enemy

Submitted by Jonathan David Suss

These days it is essential for the Vermin to discredit and overwhelm all the churches and religions except for their own Canaanite idolatry. Witness what the public was treated to at the 2023 Pfizer-sponsored Grammy Awards. A prime example of their unholy idea of “performance art” that honors their “religion.”

Watch Satan at work via Buyden’s lies during his “State of the Union” speech delivered on February 7, 2023—a fascinating theological case study.

Fearless leader, AVR, comes out and speaks boldly about the Satan menace—what moderns now pooh-pooh at their own peril. I like the way she says her piece here.

Know Your Enemy

by Anna Von Reitz

Your Enemy, the enemy of all Mankind and all true Sons of God, is the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub, Old Scratch, the One-Eyed God, the Father of All Lies.

Most of us have grown up with pictures of snakey, horned, cloven-hooved, hermaphrodite, pointytailed demons in our heads, or characters personified by Anton LaVey — red silk capes and ridiculously groomed black goatees — but that is not Satan at all.

As Mark Passio points out in this very important video (below), even that portrayal of Satan is a dangerous and deliberate distortion that keeps us from rightly sizing up the Enemy and understanding what Satanism is.

In essence, Satanism is the individual ego gone wild. Just think: Bill Gates, or Klaus Schwab, people who think that they are above the law, men so drunk on money and influence that they think they have the right to decide who lives and who dies, and who imagine that their own most arbitrary whim is beyond brilliant and all-important.

That is Satan at work.

Satan is a Liar, and the Father of All Lies, so next time you find yourself straying off the narrow path of truth— stop a moment. If you hear a lie or a half-truth emerging from your mouth, imagine a snake slithering out over your tongue. It may be a garden snake or a cobra, but it’s a snake just the same. Think about it.

Remember, there is a special place reserved for “all Liars” — and it isn’t at the Paris Hilton.

Mark Passio was snared into Satanism as a young man, but he grew up, he realized the damage that this ancient religion of lies and selfishness has caused, and is causing — and in response, he gives us the deep benefit of knowing our enemies: what they think, what motivates them, what they believe, the extent to which they are willing to go.

I highly recommend going to his channel called “What On Earth Is Happening?” and listening to his “De Facto Satanism” lecture, in which he more than adequately describes how Satanism has been seeded into our lives and popular culture. He also offers ways to claw our way back home.

Mark identifies four (4) basic pillars of the modern Satanist Mindset, which gives rise to all the evil associated with the overt Satanic religion:

(1) Utter selfishness. Me, me, me, and me, to devil with anyone or anything else. Any evil is justified in the pursuit of more and better for me, precious me. And no, I don’t give a damn about anyone or anything else. (Reminds me of the Pfizer Executive James O’Keefe caught on camera — didn’t feel a thing about ginning up gross falsehoods for profit.)

(2) Moral relativism. All our judgments about what is good or bad — according to Satanists — are arbitrary. According to them, there are no absolute standards of any kind, moral or otherwise. “Everything is relative” is their mantra, and they actually believe it, too. This is how we get grown men, like Obama’s Secretary of Education, suggesting that its all right to kill children up to the age of six. This is how you get Biden Administration officials promoting the idea that small children are competent to give consent to sexual acts.

(3) Social Darwinism. In the view of Satanists, people are animals with no particular superiority to any other animal, except by virtue of being a superior predator. In their world, it’s all Law of the Jungle, where the biggest, meanest, most vicious and debased “animals” are deemed “fittest”, and as a result, that’s the kind of “leadership” the Satanists revere and cultivate. The more thuggish and depraved and deceitful, the better. Think Hunter Biden. Or King Solomon — 700 wives, 300 concubines, a liar, and a thief consumed by materialism.

(4) Eugenics — which in their case, results in just the opposite of what the eugenics movement is supposed to be about; that is, in the hands of the Satanists, eugenics serves no valid purpose to improve or benefit mankind. It serves only to destroy, debase, and denature the Sons of Man.

This four-pronged assault on decency and sense serves the joint purpose of destroying the spirit within us, maiming our psyche, crippling our self-respect, and reducing us to our basest impulses.

It is even more urgent and important, therefore, that we value ourselves and value others and especially value and teach our children self-respect, teach them to cherish the truth, and give them the gifts of discernment and nurturance.

As we bulwark ourselves and future generations against the delusional mental and emotional sickness that is the hallmark of Satan, we ensure a culture that cannot be overcome by chaos, ego, materialism, criminality and violence.

We win, because the spirit of God within us wins.

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